Work With Me

Why Work With Kate?

If you are considering working with me you probably have:

  • Seen me on my Facebook Live (#AskKate)
  • Read about me online (Yes I’ve been in featured in a book!)
  • Attended one of my Free online trainings
  • Seen me speak at an event
  • Attended one of my online courses
  • Read one of my many blog posts
  • Or just been looking at my Pet Business for ideas to copy (that’s ok!)

And I get it…you want help but you are unsure if you:

  • Can afford 1 to 1 coaching
  • Will get any results from coaching
  • If you really need it…I mean you could just try on your own right?

The truth is…I don’t really do a lot of 1 to 1 coaching.

And that’s not because no-one wants to coach with me – in fact quite the opposite.

But I actually really enjoy the buzz of group coaching and training sessions.

They are fun, energetic, time efficient and MUCH cheaper for the people who join them.

What Is Coffee With Kate?

Coffee with Kate is an online meet up for members of my Pet Business Owners Group.

It’s been around for a while in different formats, but it’s primarily a way to get online face to face help with your Pet Business.

Whether it’s a hiring problem, a marketing issue or you are just struggling to get ‘stuff’ done! you can ask for help during one of my Coffee with Kate sessions.

How Does It Work?

  • Fortnightly meet up online for 1 hour
  • A chance to discuss what you are working on and get Feedback
  • A place to bounce ideas off each other and see how you can move things forward
  • Maybe you have done one of my courses and would like more personal ongoing support with your Blogging or Facebook Strategy
  • Perhaps you want to be held accountable to your goals – we all need a bit of help sticking to our plan from time to time
  • Maybe you are struggling with a particular problem and what to get help on how to deal with it

Whatever it is you can hop onto the call each fortnight and talk about it!

How Do You Sign Up For Coffee With Kate?

All you need to do is become a member of my Membership Group.

You get all the content in the membership, plus you get to be part of Coffee with Kate!

Got Questions About Coffee With Kate?

Join me on one of my #AskKate Facebook Lives and ask me anything!

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