Ready to GROW Your Pet Business?

Then you’re ready for my help to get you there, quicker and better than you can do it alone!

    • You’ve either already established the basics in your business (Perhaps through my courses and membership) or you’re starting out and want to go all in from the outset and hire the help you need to accelerate your growth.
    • You’re committed to making the time to work ON your business on a weekly basis so you can take it beyond the level you can working IN it all the time.
    • You have your next-level goal in your sights! Whether it’s growing to 6-figures, dominating your local area, expanding into a new area or increasing your sales and market share.
    • You want to use blogging and social media to grow your business.
    • You want my help to do it

Who Am I?

If you don’t already know me, I’m Kate and I love my pets, blogging and social media, pretty stationery and my husband (not necessarily in that order!)

I started Pet Sitters Ireland with my husband Michael 10 years ago when we found ourselves putting off trips and days out more and more because we couldn’t find the caring, professional, reliable pet care we were happy to
leave our fur babies with.

We were ambitious from the start, but like most new business owners, didn’t have the budget to invest in TV and radio ads and needed more than flyers and cards in local shops.

It was then I learned about blogging. And thank goodness I did or who knows if we’d even still be here!

Blogging and Social Media have allowed us to gain;

  • Over 50,000 fans on Social Media
  • 52,000 unique visitors to my website each month
  • A business I have been able to Franchise nationally
  • A brand that companies like Dyson want to review their products
  • Free PR coverage in local & national Press, Radio and even TV!
  • And I’m regularly sought out to be a Speaker at events!

Blogging was new back then and far from being ‘old hat’ blogging is STILL the number one source of our daily new clients and bookings.

AND I’ve used it to grow a second successful business here with Pet Business Owners!

WHY is blogging so successful?

  • With the right strategy you can rank top in your local area on Google and a blog you write today can be bringing you customers for YEARS – that’s the real key to all our success!
  • Blogging builds trust with your customers by answering their questions and being really helpful to them in everything to do with their pets.
  • It pre-qualifies the RIGHT customers for you so you spend less time dealing with enquires and make more sales with ease.
  • The right blogs will go viral because they’re so entertaining or useful and grow your audience for you!
  • Blogging about something you’re passionate about is actually really fun and whilst it’s definitely a commitment and takes consistent work, when you enjoy it and it gets results, its sustainable in the long term.

And whilst I love blogging, it’s not JUST about blogging!

  • Yes, the right blogs with the right SEO will get found on google.
  • You’ll also want to use social media to share your blogs and let your customers get to know you.
  • And you’ll need a strategy to convert your audience into sales and for the day to day running of your business.

Let me help you with my 10 years’ experience of staying at the top of Google, the social media algorithms and the Pet Sitting Industry in my whole country!

It’s taken a a lot of trial and error and of course things are always changing.

But with my experience I’m able to quickly adapt and I can see the opportunities you might be missing when you’re so close to your own business.

And of course hold you accountable to consistent action with support and kindness. 

What happens in our 1:1 coaching?

  • We’ll have 12 weekly 1:1 calls.
  • We’ll clarify your goal, create a strategy and make it work for you, testing and tweaking it as we go
  • You’ll end the 12 weeks having achieved your goal and knowing exactly what you need to do to keep growing and hit your next goal.

I’m not (that!) special or lucky, I’ve just committed to processes that work and learned as I grow and that’s why my coaching WORKS for all my clients. Here’s what they have to say about it;

What Do Others Say About Me?

“Kate has been my business coach for over two years and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance, support, and kicks in the butt. Kate is a wealth of information and always willing to go above and beyond to help you better your business and yourself.

I can’t thank Kate enough for her continued patience, as I am always full of questions. Her ideas, suggestions, and sense of humor go hand in hand when dealing with tough topics. It’s very easy to get stuck in the “comfort zone” of business ownership, but Kate doesn’t allow you to stay there too long. She often challenges you with homework assignments or projects that not only teach you something about yourself as a business owner but helps moves your business growth in the right direction.

Kate has guided me from using independent contractors to employees, marketing and public relations, social media and internal processes. Working and getting to know Kate has been both a challenge (she makes you think) and pleasure (she’s an amazing human being!). I highly recommend anyone looking to expand and grow their business to reach out and work with Kate McQuillan!” – Nicole


Can I just book sessions when I want?

Sessions need to be booked every 1-2 weeks. If you are on vacation/or sick then we can allow for that and book around it. I find if the sessions are not booked regularly you don’t build the same momentum with your efforts.

Can I pay as I go?

Sessions needs to be prepaid in a block of 12.

How will we do the calls? 

I use Zoom for all my online calls. It’s a very easy platform to use and you will be given a link to access it for our sessions. I can also record those sessions for you.

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