5 Reasons I Love Having a Blog & Why You Need A Blog Too

Why You need to blog

For some the thought of blogging is just a nightmare. They don’t want to spend time writing and posting to their page as they are busy working in their business, walking dogs, feeding cats and juggling sitter schedules. There are however lots of reason why you need a blog for your business.

For me blogging is just as important as all those tasks and arguably without a blog then long term you won’t need to worry about juggling all that work as competitors with a blog will win when customers are looking for a service provider.

When blogging was first mentioned to me I thought the same as most do. I don’t have time, I have nothing to say and who will read it.

But now blogging is something that I get started on before anything else every day I wake up. Why? Because I know it works and I know long term that it’s not an option for businesses it’s a must.

5 Reasons I Love Having a Blog

#1. It gives me a reason to share my content

Social media is fast moving and in some ways a constant fight for people’s attention. Every day you need to be sharing something better than your competitors that will engage your ideal customer. When you have a blog you can literally decide what you want to engage with them about each day yourself.

A blog allows you to dictate the conversation of the day because it’s your content. You are not looking for articles to share that direct people to another website. You are saying let’s talk about dog training tips today and here it was I think about the subject – let’s discuss it!

#2. I get to educate people

You would be surprised how many people don’t know how to toilet train their dog. Let’s face it when you get a dog it doesn’t come with instructions and not everyone does their homework beforehand. So why not be that go to resource and help those people.

You do not need to be an expert on a topic to be able to educate people about something. Do you research, learn from others and then put your own spin on it.

There is nothing really new on the internet anymore – but what makes it new for you is that you wrote it and your audience are reading it.

#3. My website ranks better in Google

Whether you love SEO or not, it’s not going anywhere! Google is where everyone is searching and I want my blog posts and website to be at the top of EVERY search when it comes to pets in my area.

I’m probably slightly more obsessed about this than the average person but for me it’s important that Google sees my site as relevant to the pet community and keeps showing it to them.

Creating fresh, relevant and newsworthy new content is the key to getting your site ranked well on Google.

#4. It gives me a reason to email my subscriber list

Every week I send a short newsletter to me email list to let them know what’s new on the blog. If I didn’t have a blog what would I send them? Other people’s articles? Yikes no! I want them on my website reading my content.

Having a blog means my newsletter is a breeze! Takes me 15 minutes to collate my work for the week and send it out to those people that have stood up and said EMAIL ME!

#5. It’s a way to open up a conversation

My main aim every day is to get as many people onto my website as I can. I want people reading my blog posts and looking at my services. I also want people to talk to me on social media.

Images are huge on social media to create interaction and are a great way to create engagement on your page, but you then need to have the content on the back of that to get them onto your website. The longer you can get them to stay on your website reading your content the better. By having a blog there is endless amounts of content for them to consume while they make their decision about which service provider to use.

Will potential customers choose the website that answers all their questions or the website with only a few pages? I’m hoping you know the answer to that question.

Do you have a blog? Are you blogging? Let me know in the comments below.



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