Why Use Instagram Stories For Your Pet Business

Why use instagram stories

I really enjoy watching people’s Instagram stories. Looking behind the scenes to see what people are up to really intrigues me.

Maybe I’m just nosey! But I think most people like to see a glimpse of what other people are up to.

Also, what’s great about stories is that they don’t have to be perfect.

Think of your Instagram feed as the best of the best photos you take – the one’s you want to showcase forever.

Whereas stories is more a chance to share those snippets of your day, the funny photos that might not be perfect and give people some of the behind the scenes stuff.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are made up of a collection of photos and videos that you can upload to your Instagram stories. They make up a ‘story’ of your day and after 24 hours they disappear.

Why Use Instagram Stories For Your Pet Business?

People are reportedly spending much more time watching Instagram stories than they are in the feed – I know I am.

People like to see what’s going on. Stories are like tiny little TV shows of their own.

You can involve people in the content by using polls, asking questions and making content shareable.

This is content you can create on the go – you don’t have to use fancy editing tools to create it. And it can all be done on your phone.

People will love it and start to trust you more.

What Type Of Things Should You Share on Instagram Stories?

Behind the scenes video clips of your business.

Perhaps you can have your staff record clips of themselves with different pets throughout the day. Or maybe you are promoting something new in your business and you are highlighting the different elements of it in the run up to the launch.


You could record training with your staff or courses you send them on. Building trust with your customers and potential customers. Perhaps you are a dog trainer, or you want to give viewers some training tips, and you share those with people.

Testimonials from customers

When someone says something about you then stories is a great place to share that information. If you can get them on camera talking about your business then that is even better!

Fun stories about your day

Maybe you visit the pet store, you take your dog for a groom, you grab a coffee at a dog friendly café. Whatever it is you can show that on your stories.

People love to be brought along on your adventure

Information about your services

Share what you do with your followers, tell them what they can expect when they use your services, how it will make them feel. They want to know what you can help them with!

Events you attend or host

If you are at an event Instagram Stories is a great way to capture the day and encourage people to come down to the event and meet with you. People love to meet people in real life and it’s a great way to get known in your local area.

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