Why You Need a Marketing Planner for Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business – Especially in Uncertain Times

In my 12 plus years of running a successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business, it’s fair to say I’ve gone through my share of uncertain times!

And my Marketing Plan has been key in seeing me through those times.

So I wanted to share with you how it has helped me and how it could help you too!

Here are some reasons why my Marketing Plan got me through uncertain times in business

#1. Consistency

Consistency builds momentum in both website traffic and Social Media audience growth so in those uncertain times your audience is there for you.

Consistency also builds trust with your audience and when there’s uncertainty in the marketplace the trusted providers are the ones most likely to survive.

And having a plan keeps you consistent, especially when you’re busy and flexing to deal with uncertainty.

#2. Strategy

It takes a strategic mix of engagement, education and promotion to grow and nurture your audience so you have consistent sales.

From early in my business I planned my Blog Posts to answer the most common questions my audience ask as I knew this would drive search engine traffic.

And I plan a mix of posts on social media to drive growth, engagement and sales. It’s constantly evolving and does take some trial and error, but without being strategic, I’d never have learned what works and what’s a waste of precious time.

#3. Efficiency

With a strategic plan, I can sit down and batch create and schedule my social media content for a week or even a month at a time.

And that helps me be consistent too because when we get busy marketing is one of the first tasks to fall by the wayside.

#4. Confidence

No matter how uncertain the world gets, having my marketing strategically planned and scheduled gives me the confidence to weather the storm.

I may need to tweak and adapt it to changing circumstances, but the principles remain the same and have never let me down.

And my audience have that confidence in my business that we’re there for them no matter what.

#5. Results

The results my marketing plan have generated in my business speak for themselves.

With a Social Media audience of over 50,000 and 50,000 visitors to my website each month and a business that stayed fully booked for most of our 12 years in business, there’s no question that my strategic, consistent plan has created these results.

The results built gradually to begin with until momentum grew and now we see results from those early days every single day.

None of us can control what’s going on in the world and there are definitely times when world events will impact our business. That’s one of the reasons that even though we have plenty of customers, I always stick to my plan and keep bringing repeat and new customers into the business.

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