Who I’m Not A Good Fit For

When it comes to picking a service provider part of the decision process is deciding whether you can work with the person who is providing the service.

So as I already know that I won’t be a good fit for everyone, then here are a few things you might want to consider when making your decision whether you want to work with me.

I’m Probably Not A Good Fit For You If:

#1. You are not committed to making a change. I want you to get the best out of us working together and so you need to be ready to commit to the process and use the information that I give you in your business.

#2. You aren’t ready to invest time into working on your business. It’s going to take time to implement these strategies I teach into your business. There is no such thing as a quick fix, it takes hard work and dedication.

#3. You are scared to make changes. I get that it’s scary to change what you are already doing, but sometimes you need to take that leap of faith in order to move your business forward.

#4. You are not a big time action taker. Yes I will want you to take action (without too much complaining!) It’s got be something you HAVE to do in your own mind, not something that you think you would like to do.

#5. You don’t have a long term vision. If someone has promised you that they can perform miracles to get you more business, then they are probably not telling the truth. Content Marketing and Social Media takes a lot of work and effort. You won’t see a lot of immediate results, it’s about patience and what I like to call blind faith!

#6. You are full of excuses. I admit it’s a bit of a pet hate of mine. I know we are all guilty of it (me included at times!) but if we are working together and you are not doing what you say you are going to do, then I don’t want to hear those excuses!


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