What’s The Story?

I was reading a book on the plane the other day and the author talked about telling your story and in particular made reference to how the Irish often greet each other by saying “What’s the story?” rather than how are you or hello.

It’s interesting really as we all have a story to tell, but I guess that sometimes we don’t really tell our personal story in our business. Who we are, what we believe in, why we love our business and where we want to go with it.

We also don’t always tell people a lot about ourselves and our personality. Those little bits of trivia that maybe only our close friends and family know about us – but that make us who we are.

So What’s My Story? – 21 things you probably didn’t know about me! (in no particular order!)

Whats your story

  1. I love watching the Kardashians
  2. I LOVE Christmas – not the presents, but the Christmas movies and decorating the tree
  3. I’m not a fan of getting really dressed up – I much prefer casual clothes
  4. I love my 2 dogs and yes I do talk to them!
  5. My Religious Education teacher called me a ray of sunshine when I was in school!
  6. I HATE washing pots with a passion.
  7. I really don’t like making mistakes
  8. I learn new things really quickly
  9. I am an obsessive purchaser of fancy notebooks and pens.
  10. I like the colour pink
  11. I am not really very tidy – but I would like to be!
  12. I never iron clothes – if they need ironing I don’t buy them!
  13. People who are mean to other people really annoy me
  14. I can’t stand people who lie! There is no need!
  15. I am not very patient at all, I like things done now.
  16. I put myself under far too much pressure to do everything at once
  17. I cry at sad movies
  18. I only recently saw my first 3D movie!!!
  19. If I wake in the night to go to the toilet I do check Facebook on my phone…sad I know!
  20. I would love my dog to be able to talk to me – how fun would that be 🙂
  21. I love a glass of wine or 2!


22.  I got married in Las Vegas! (forgot that one!)

So what is your story? Are you sharing it in your business?


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