What’s The Point Of Social Media – Why Should I Bother?

Everyone talks about Social Media like it’s the answer to all your problems. Not got enough customers? No problem get on Social Media.

Need to get people to come to your store – no problem tell them to on Social Media.

In reality that is not how Social Media works – you need to get into the heart of the social media platform and start connecting with people. Ask them questions, tell them stories, comment on their pictures.

Basically…Be Social!

It sounds really silly – you would think that by definition people would realise that Social Media means being social – but for me I think it’s the biggest element that people miss.

It’s so easy to get caught up in sharing your message that you forget to take time to engage with your followers – to actually chat with them and take an interest in them.

And this is the main reason you will hear so many people say that Social Media doesn’t work.

Well I am here to tell you that it DOES work!

Social Media Home Page

If you can really engage with your ideal customer on social media you can create a community of fans that love you and your business, and will become advocates for your services.

By all means this is not an exhaustive list of how to get Social Media to work for you – but here are some of my favourite tips for you to get the most out of Social Media.

Top 5 Pawsome Tips to Make Social Media Work For you

#1. The maximum amount of time you should spend talking about yourself is 20%. That is the maximum – I would even go less around 10%. So for every ten posts you make only 1 of them should be about you or your service.

#2. Always reply to EVERY comment on social media. And I mean reply with something meaningful that is specific to the persons comment. So if you ask people what their dogs favourite treat is and they post that Ben their dog loves bones – maybe you could reply with something like, My dog is just like Ben and loves his bones too!

#3. If you have a business page or account then sign off with your name. You will find over time your engagement increases because people feel like they know you. You are no longer just a business page and they know who they are talking to.

#4. Always be positive and upbeat. No-one wants to hang out with someone who does nothing but moan and complain. They want to chat with someone who always has a kind word, is interested in others and is generally inspiring.

#5. Use Emojis to brighten up your posts and encourage people to interact. Branch out from just smiley faces and love hearts and use the full range of emojis that are appropriate to your business.

These are just some of the ways you can be more social. Depending on your brand, really depends on how you want your approach to be. When your potential customers think if your business what do you want them to think?

Friendly business who cares? Or big business with no voice?


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