I Don’t Really Have Anything To Write About On My Website

Oh wow! Now that’s a real dilemma – a business that has nothing to write about.

It’s a common feeling though that a lot of business owners have. They think that they have nothing to write about for their potential customers.

When you look at your website you have your normal services pages which you hopefully have set up so they are clear and to the point about what you offer.

You don’t want these pages to be over cluttered – less is more for these pages.

What About Your Blog?


What you do have the benefit of though is a blog on your website, which basically gives you the chance to show off your voice to potential customers.

You can let them know what your business is about, what you stand for, how you run your business and how you can help them.

This list is endless to the things you can inform your customers about.

What To Write On Your Blog?

Take time to do this exercise to generate ideas of what to write on your website

1.       Make a list of what your ideal customer is interested in. What makes them tick?

2.       Go through all your emails looking for questions people have recently asked you.

3.       Keep a note book of all questions you get asked

4.       Ask you existing customers what they want to learn from you

5.       Be aware of what is happening in the news in relation to pets

If you don’t have at least 50 blog titles that you write about for your business I would be shocked!

Every time we talk to someone they normally ask us something.

Every time we turn the TV on or open up the internet there is a story about pets that potentially can be of interest to your ideal customer.

Do you clients have issues with their pets – trying to crate train them, bath them, what to feed them. All of these are things that you can help them with.

[bctt tweet=”Stop thinking what to write on your website and start thinking about what people are asking you instead.”]

Figure out what they want to know about and then be there to help them!

Now tell me you don’t know what to write about on your website!!!


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