What Should My Blog Title Be? A Review Of The Best Blog Titles

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If you are finally embracing the concept of creating content for your website then you want to give yourself the best chance of being successful by following a proven method.

Think about this.

  • When you are looking for something do you have questions? Yes
  • If you can’t find the answers to them do you get annoyed and go somewhere else? Yes

So why then are you not answering all the questions that your customers have on your website?

If we know that our customers want answers to their questions and that they will probably be annoyed if they don’t find them – then surely we should be prioritising answering them.

Enter the concept of “They Ask You Answer”

What does this mean?

Well it means that you think of everything you ever get asked and then use the question as the blog title and write the answer as the post.

Super simple yes!

What Should Your Blog Titles Be ?

1. Cost/Price

This is almost a dirty word to some business owners. They don’t want to address cost on their website. They fear that their competition will see it, their customers will be put off or that they will lose new business.

But the truth is if you don’t address it then people will look elsewhere for the answer to the question anyway.

Now that doesn’t mean you to have to post your prices on your website – you might go with an ‘it depends’ style post – but if your customers can’t find the issue addressed on your site they will go elsewhere.

So it’s a must that you answer ‘How Much Does An X Cost?’

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2. Problems

You need to address the potential problems that your customer are having or think they might have by using your service.

For example, The Problems Of Using A Pet Sitter; Will My Home Be Secure

Home security is a real fear for people  – so why not just get it out there and tell them what you do to keep their home secure.

I know you might be thinking well if I mention home security it might not be something that they have thought about and now I am the one bringing it up – but come on…we know that’s not true!

3. Versus/Comparison

We all compare things – in fact it’s only human to think which is better, this one or that one.

So chances are your customers are comparing you to other services they could use.

So lets address that – Pet Sitting Versus Boarding Kennels: Which Is Best?

It’s ok to do this, as they will have already googled it. And remember we want to answer the questions before our competitors do.

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4. Reviews

People LOVE to look for reviews online – so we need to be in that space when they do.

This is a great area for being able to move outside of your immediate services.

For example, you could start reviewing other pet services people are looking for. Services that your ideal customers are looking for and may find you as a result of it.

Become the company that reviews all things Pets – Review of the best Dog Parks, Vets, Groomers etc.

5. Best Of

We all want the best, so when we are looking for services we are going to type in Best Pet Sitter in X. Because we want to see who comes up as the best.

The thing is though you can’t write about yourself as the best! But what you can do is write about the Best Pet Sitters In X Area and include all your competitors.

I know…scary huh! But think about it, they will have probably already googled this stuff anyway… and again you might as well be the one that comes up for the search. The customer is now on your site and chances are they will then go ahead and contact you.

Key Take Away

If there is one thing I would say to consider in all of this is the people can Google it anyway – so you might as well answer it before you competitors do.

So, which of the Big 5 are you going to answer today?

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