What Should I Blog About?

This is probably one of the questions that I get asked most frequently – what should I blog about?

I can remember back when I first heard of having a blog I had no clue what to blog about either. It seemed like such a daunting task to think of things that my customers might be interested in reading about.

What I quickly learnt though was that all of your blog topics already exist, you just don’t realise it. As a service business we deal with people every day and they are asking us questions. Questions about our products, our services, what we offer, how much we cost – the list is endless.

Think about how you look for information. What is the first thing that you do? You go to Google and enter in your question.

As this video clearly shows, people are asking questions and google is answering them with the content it finds online. And this should be your content!

Do you get the point?

As a business we want to be the person that answers those questions for our potential customers, as if we are not answering them then our competition will be.

For example this morning I had a problem with my laptop. I was getting error messages saying that I had no storage left. For a 6 month old computer I knew this couldn’t be true.

So what do you think I did? I asked Google and managed to resolve my issue.

If this was not an easy fix though I would have more than likely contacted the person who wrote the article that answered my question to see if they could fix it.

Where do you think I will go straight to next time I have an issue – yes, back to the same website who was able to quickly help me.

We all know that people buy from people who they like and trust. In an online world the perfect way to build trust is to show you are knowledgeable. I don’t know you yet – but you sound like you know your stuff…so that gets us off on the right foot.

So when I am on your website and I am  considering your services because I trust you are knowledgeable, the next step would be to contact you and see if I like you and we can work together. You have already built half the relationship through the content on your website.

It makes sense doesn’t it? I hope so!

So what are you waiting for? Get answering those questions!


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2 thoughts on “What Should I Blog About?

  1. Some great ideas here. I was researching new pet products we stock in our pharmacy and in my search landed here. An amazing coincidence as I am writing blogs currently about those products and am looking up content. Thank you.

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