5 Easy Ways To Market Your Pet Business On Valentine’s Day

Promote Pet Business Valentines Day


No plans to Market Your Pet Business On Valentine’s Day? Look no further as this blog is full of ideas you can implement quickly and easily.

5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Pet Business On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to create lots of engagement on social media and get people talking about their pets, sharing pictures of them and generally just showing how much they love them.

But if you are struggling to come up with ideas to market your Pet Business On Valentine’s Day then here are a few you could quickly implement on your own social media.

#1. Just For Fun Picture Share

Asking people to share pictures of their pets is always a great way to create engagement and get to know your followers better.

It’s quick and easy for people to engage with and it’s a super easy one for you to do.

Remember to reply to all the comments and try to get into conversations with people about their pets. It’s easy to do this if you comment on something specific about the picture – for example ask where they got their pets toy, coat etc.

#2. Conversational Posts

A great way to get people chatting is to ask them questions about their pets.

For example,

  • What do you love most about your pets?
  • Would you prefer a Valentine’s date with your pets or your partner?
  • What would you perfect Valentine’s date with your pets?

If you are asking questions it’s a good idea to be the first one to comment on the post with your answer to the question – especially if you are new to growing the engagement on your page.

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5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Pet Business On Valentine's Day

#3. Giveaway/Collaboration

You could collaborate with another pet related business to offer a Valentine’s Day hamper. Make sure the other company is committed to promoting the giveaway on their social media.

Make sure the competition is nice and easy for people to enter and you are clear about how you are going to pick a winner.

For example,

  • Share a picture of your pets
  • Tell us what you love most about being a pet owner

#4. Blog Posts

Blog posts are always great content to create. Not only are they useful and interesting for your audience but they are also a great way to get people onto your website and you can use them again and again.

Some examples of blog posts you could write:

  • Valentines’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Pets
  • Valentines’s Day Gift Ideas For Cat/Dog Lovers
  • Valentines’s Day Treats You Can Make For Your Cat/Dog
  • Dog Friendly Cafe’s/Restaurants For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

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#5. Book Services

Don’t forget to remind people on the run up to Valentine’s Day/Weekend that they can book services with you.

You could:

  • Post on social media
  • Send out a book for Valentine’s Day email
  • Add a pop up to your website/booking software to remind people to book

Let me know in the comments which idea you are going to use for your Pet Business


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