Top 5 Tips To Structure A Blog Post To Increase Blog Traffic

When you write a blog post you want to get the most out of it that you can – I mean you actually want people to read it right? We have all had blog posts that flop – and we don’t want many of them if we are trying to attract more customers.

So if that’s the case you want to spend some time making it more appealing to the reader.

I am a big believer that things that look visually appealing, as well as sound great, are consumed more easily by your ideal customers.

With that said, here are some tips to help you nail that blog post structure.

Blog Post Structure

5 Tips To Structure A Blog Post

#1. Good Intro

The first thing is to identify the problem you are going to solve in the blog post. Every blog post you write is going to be helping people or being useful – so get that identified up front.

For example, A lot of people come to us wondering what to do with their dog while they are travelling away.


#2. Relate and explain

Then you should relate to that problem so that they feel you understand them.

For example, We know exactly how you feel, as we felt the same way about our dog. We didn’t want to use Kennels, but were unsure of the best alternative.

#3. Layout

Open the main body of the text by telling them how you can help them and then get into the details of the service you offer or the answer to their question.

Don’t be afraid to use numbered lists and break up the text. Lots of white space makes it easier for people to read.

Keep the blog post to the point and don’t waffle – think quality not quantity.

Don’t forget to add a pawsome picture!!

#4. Call To Action

What do you want people to do when they have finished reading your blog post? Do you want them to book services, call you, read more blog posts, sign up to your email list?

You must direct people or they will do NOTHING!

#5. Meta Description

When completing my Meta Description in Yoast (a wordpress plugin) I love to use this method that The Sales Lion promotes. I think it’s clear and concise and I love having a format that I can use.

1. Ask a question that shows you understand your reader and can relate to them

2. Make sure said question repeats the keyword of the post

3. Tell the reader they’ll find the answer to what they’re looking for.

For example: Are you considering hiring a dog walker for your dog while you are out at work? We explore the benefits of hiring a dog walker and explain ….

See how I cut off the ending? You want to cut it off before Google does, so you have control over what people read and create some curiosity. For example in this example people will want to know what you are going to explain to them and click to find out more.

The key is to have great content waiting there for them.

What method do you use to structure your blog posts?

Tell me in the comments below and post a link to your blog post!


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