Why Doing Too Much At Once Is A Bad Thing For Your Business

Something I get asked a lot is how I get so much done.

It always makes me smile when people ask me this as I often think that I could (and maybe should) be doing a lot more than I do.

Something that I have been experimenting with this year though is not working on too many projects at once and not being afraid to say something will have to wait until next month.

In fact I usually try to work on one main project at a time and schedule other things after that project has finished.

For example, I don’t do any other new marketing campaigns* or launches when I have my annual pet competition running.

(*Obviously our regular marketing for services runs all year round)

Why I Launch One Thing At A Time?

Because I tried doing lots of things at once …and it didn’t work!  My audience can’t cope with too many new things at once and it affects the success of what I am doing. The message gets muddled and my results drop.

So now I sit down and plan the large things that I want to promote/implement in my business throughout the year.

And I make sure I have enough time to promote and get the most out of each thing that I can.

For example next month I have dedicated the entire month of my marketing time to re visit all the pages on my website, update the images and check my sales funnel. Because, if I am going to do it, then I want to do it properly.

Why I Learn One Thing At A Time?

The same goes for learning new things that I might want to implement in my business. Like new social channels, chat bots, attending conferences, reading business books etc.

I get excited….I want to do it all…I need every book; I want to learn all the new things!


It doesn’t work.

I can’t fully learn and implement lots of new things all at once.

In fact in the past I would jump on a new idea and get started and then never quite see the results I wanted because I was on to the next thing.

Instead this year I said let’s just focus on the basics that I know work really well….mainly blogging and social media…and the results have been amazing.

An increase in website traffic up to 52k visitors a month and a massive jump in new clients.

You really don’t need to be doing everything all of the time. In fact less is more in a lot of cases.

If you are a business owner you don’t need to be a full time marketer – you need to adopt smart marketing. What that means is pick things that you know work and stick with them.

I don’t mean you should never change and follow a different path, but if you are always looking for the next big thing and being influenced to learn new things ALL the time, how will you ever know what is truly bringing in the results that you want in your business.


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