How Long Does It Take To Write A Blog Post: I Don’t Have Time To Write A Blog Post

‘I don’t have time’ is probably the most common excuse for not doing things.  We all do it – and if you say that you don’t I would need to challenge you on that 🙂

If there is something that is not easy to do, or takes more time that you would like or isn’t something you are comfortable with then it is easy to say that you don’t have time.

I’ll give you some examples, just so you get my point.

  • You are too lazy to exercise/don’t enjoy it -then it’s easier to say you are too busy with work than to admit you can’t be bothered!
  • A pile of laundry on the floor – then it’s easy to say I am too busy with family to get it done. Never mind I just HATE laundry.
  • Not cleaned up all week -the reason of course is not that you were lazy and opened a bottle of wine while you watched your favourite TV show, but you were busy running errands all week.
Do You Have Time To Blog??
Do You Have Time To Blog??

Busy Busy Busy – we use it all the time.

So honestly are you really too busy to write a blog post?

Here are my handy tips to getting it done quickly: 

1. Don’t over think things

It can be so easy to procrastinate thinking about what to write. Make a list before you start blogging of the top questions you get asked and just start at the top and work your way through them. Just get a draft down on paper and then you can work on an edit later.

2. Stop Trying To Be Perfect

I spent AGES when I first started blogging thinking about my content and how it needed to sound ‘clever’ and ‘smart’. I would convince myself no-one would want to read what I wrote as it would’t be that interesting. But guess what! Once I got over myself and started writing people did want to read it. I know my posts aren’t perfect all the time and yes I hire a proof reader for certain things – but if I had to get every blog post proof read I would never get a thing done!

3. Watch One Less TV Programme a Week

Did I just write that!! Give up Kardashians for a week…nooooooo. But seriously you never really miss that much when you skip an episode or 2 to work on your business. Record it and watch it later if you need to – just carve out time to get things done.

If you really can’t give up your TV, then get up an hour earlier instead.

4. Get Off Social Media

You can easily loose a few hours a day on Facebook and Twitter. Instead limit your time on there and write your blog post instead. Then you have something to actually post on Facebook instead of looking at funny cat videos your friends are posting!

5. Go To A Coffee Shop and Buy a Coffee And A Cake

If it takes you getting your laptop and treating yourself to cake once a week to inspire you to write a blog post or two then do it! It’s nice to get out and about, and even better when it comes with cake.

6. Hire Someone

Yes I said it – if you really really don’t think you have time (or just don’t want to blog) then hire someone to blog for you. We have a great Blogging Service that you can use. I’m still a huge fan of doing this stuff yourself, but it’s better to hire than have nothing at all.

OK – so tell me, what are you going to do today to get a blog post out?


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