How Do I Find The Time To Blog?

Most people who are not blogging will tell you that the reason they don’t blog is because they don’t have the time to create content for their site. Not having time is probably one of the most common excuses for a lot of things – but you definitely hear it all the time when it comes to blogging.

Business Owners who say this probably aren’t there yet when it comes to understanding the power of blogging – which is fine.

But for those Business Owners who want to blog and believe that they don’t have time then here is the answer to their problems.

How to Blog When You Don’t Have Time

Time To Blog

#1 – Batch Your Work

I have spoken about this before and I think batching work is a great idea. What this means is that you choose a day a week or month to create your content. So maybe you sit down for a few hours in the morning and come up with blog post ideas and then you get to work writing then.

Then you use the scheduling ability within WordPress to schedule blogs throughout the month.  Setting aside a day a month is a way to commit to creating content. You never know, you might start to look forward to that day!

#2 – Empower your staff to blog

If you have staff then why not get them to create blog posts. Presumably your staff are meeting customers on a daily basis, interacting with them and answering their questions. So who better to share some of their knowledge on paper. They don’t have to be the perfect writer, they just need to get the content on paper and you can edit it. It’s a great resource that you can tap into and if you wanted to, you could offer your staff an incentive to blog.

If they don’t feel comfortable writing blog posts, why not ask them to record their answers for a Podcast or Video series. Some people are more comfortable getting on camera and answering questions, where as others would run a mile and rather sit and write something for you. Play to your staff’s strengths.

Tip – if they aren’t blogging they should at least be writing you a list of questions that they are asked all of the time.

#3 – Outsource your blogging

I am a big fan of hiring people to do the things that maybe you are not good at or can’t make time for. I think hiring someone to blog for you is a great idea. I do however think you need to blog for yourself first to find your voice and the style of articles you want. It’s important to understand the process and get a feel for the things you want to say.

Once you understand how blogging can help your business then it’s great to be able to find someone who can get your thoughts and ideas on paper for you. If you really can’t face the thought of blogging, then outsourcing is better than no blog posts – but I would encourage you to try it first.

So which method do you think would suit you best?


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