10 Thanksgiving Blog Post Ideas To Write For Your Pet Business

thanksgiving blog post ideas

Thanksgiving is a time when people travel and will be looking for a Pet Sitter to take care of their pets. If you have not started promoting your services then now is definitely the time to get thinking of some Thanksgiving blog post ideas, start writing them and then start promoting them.

Think about how you can be useful to your target market and then start writing for them. Useful articles are really shareable, meaning that you will get a lot more views and other people sharing them for you.

Also, try to think outside the box when it comes to subjects to write about so that you don’t just blend in with all the other companies that are writing about Thanksgiving.

10 Thanksgiving Blog Posts Ideas

To help you get started here are some fun and very shareable blog post ideas that you could write TODAY!

  1. 5 Fun Things You Can Do In X Town This Thanksgiving (No need to make them all pet friendly as you want people to leave their dogs home so you can take care of them!)
  2. 3 Dog Treat Recipes You Can Bake For Your Dog This Thanksgiving (Why not bake some yourself and take pictures of them)
  3. 5 Amazing Travel Deals You Don’t Want To Miss This Thanksgiving (These could be hotel deals, flight deals or just offers on entry into different events)
  4. 5 Dog Friendly Places To Take Your Dog This Thanksgiving (Dog parks, bars, restaurants, local events)
  5. 3 Games You Can Play With Your Cat This Thanksgiving (You could include homemade toys, ideas to entertain your cat while you are home)
  6. 5 Reasons My Pets Make Me Thankful This Thanksgiving (Is 5 even enough! – why not make it 10 reasons!)
  7. 10 Foods Your Pets Should Avoid On Thanksgiving (You could even make this into an infographic or series of images)
  8. 5 Ways You Can Help Your Local Rescue/Shelter This Thanksgiving (Reach out to your local rescue and see what help they need – you could even do a short interview)
  9. A Guide To Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Days Out (Make this all about kids and what they can do. You could even include a downloadable Thanksgiving picture for them to print off and colour in!)
  10. The Ultimate Guide To Enjoying Thanksgiving With Your Pets (Include all your articles and give a summary of each)

Tips For Getting The Most Shares For Your Thanksgiving Blog Posts

  • Tag the companies on social media that you mention in your articles so that they get notification that the article is there. Most of the time they will then share it with their audience
  • Pick really great images to use so that the article really stands out on social media
  • Share it everywhere and often! Don’t be shy about sharing your work and don’t think sharing it once is enough. You need to be all over everywhere to get noticed. Try other Facebook Groups, local area pages, mums groups – wherever your ideal clients hang out. (Note – some groups require you ask permission so be aware of that)
  • Consider spending some money boosting your posts on Facebook. Think carefully though about your audience – make sure you select to show the add to people who live in your area and like pets!
  • Share other people’s Thanksgiving content in your area in the hope they might share yours. You could even reach out to them and see if you can team up with them on some articles.
  • Email it out to your customers so they get all this useful content. Encourage people to sign up to get the ultimate guide in their inbox.

Top Tip

Be different, Be You! There are so many people writing about the same thing everyone else is. Stand out from the crowd this Thanksgiving!


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