How To Talk About Your Pet Sitting Business In Real Life Without Making People Run Away

How To Talk About Your Pet Sitting Business In Real Life Without Making People Run Away

One of the most powerful ways to to market your business is through face-to-face interactions with people. And before you think oh no I can’t sell to people – there are lots of ways you can ‘network’ without feeling like a sleazy salesperson.

I’m going to talk about some of the places you might find the opportunity to chat to people, how you can start conversations, what tools you can use to make promotion easier and how you can leave people with your information.

How To Talk About Your Pet Sitting Business In Real Life Without Making People Run Away

Identifying Opportunities

Opportunities to promote your pet sitting and dog walking business can arise in various situations. Here are some examples of when and where you might find potential clients.

a. Local Events: Attend local community events, fairs, or markets where pet owners gather. These events can be excellent places to connect with potential clients.

b. Dog Parks: Spend time at local dog parks where pet owners take their dogs for exercise and socialization. Strike up conversations with dog owners who may need your services.

c. Neighbourhood Gatherings: Participate in neighbourhood gatherings, block parties, or homeowners’ association meetings. These events provide an ideal setting to introduce your services to residents.

d. Vet Clinics: Establish relationships with local vets and their staff. They often have clients in need of pet care services and can refer them to you.

e. The Gym: If you love the gym then I know many Sitters who have got business chatting to their fellow workout buddies who have pets.

Initiating Conversations

Once you’ve identified the right opportunities, the next step is to initiate conversations.

NOTE – Not every conversation is going to lead to you sharing about your services straight away. For example, It may be that you visit the dog park and chat to a particular person a few times before the conversation comes around to mentioning you walk dogs. What you don’t want to do is scare people off with your over enthusiastic sales pitch.

Here is my 3 step process to start a conversation:

1. Be Approachable: Smile, make eye contact, and be friendly. People love talking to friendly people!

2. Ask About Their Pets: People love talking about their furry friends, and this can lead to a really fun and natural conversation.

3. Share About Your Own Pets: People are more likely to trust someone who is passionate about their own pets.

Providing Information

If you get into a conversation about how you can help with pet care then it’s a good idea to have materials you can give them to refer to later. Directing them to your website when they are ready is a softer approach to selling your services.

Consider providing:

a. Business Cards: Have a stack of professional business cards with your contact information, services, and a brief description of what you offer. You could also include a QR code to make visiting your website easy.

b. Brochures: Create informational brochures that outline your services. These can be a handy reference for potential clients.

c. Referral Cards: Develop referral cards that offer incentives for clients who refer your services to others.

What to Wear

When promoting your business in real life, it’s important to dress in a way that represents your professionalism and commitment to pet care.

Consider wearing the following:

a. Uniform or Branded Apparel: Invest in company-branded apparel like T-shirts or polo shirts with your business logo and contact information. These can be a conversation starter on their own – and often people will just ask what you do when they see your branded shirt.

b. Professional Appearance: Remember that pet owners are entrusting you with the care of their beloved animals and so a professional appearance would be important to most people.


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