Summer Marketing Tips For Pet Business Owners

It’s summer, people are travelling and it can get super busy in our businesses. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for your summer marketing. You might be getting booked up – but you still want to engage your audience and keep in touch with them.

In this article I’m going to give you 3 ways to market your business this summer and make sure you are seen as the go to expert for all things pets in your town. Meaning when someone needs a service like yours – they think of you straight away.

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Summer Marketing Tips For Pet Business Owners

#1. Educational Posts

Whether you are blogging or not you can still share educational content with your audience that helps them care for their pets. It shows you are an expert in what you do and makes you stand out from any other pet companies in your area.

The most obvious things to educate people about during the summer is the heat.

For example

  • Dangers of the heat
  • Why you should not leave your dog in the car
  • What the signs of heatstroke are
  • When the best time is to walk your dog
  • How to keep your pets cool

#2. Things To Do In X Town

Keeping your followers informed on what is going on around your town is a great way to stay top of mind with them. It also means that you are attracting people to interact with you that are in your service area.

You could create your own content – blogs, graphics etc. – or you could share content created by other blogs in your town.

For example:

  • Events
  • Dog Friendly Places
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Restaurant Offers
  • Opening of new retail

Note – it doesn’t have to always be pet related

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#3. Travel Tips

People tend to travel more during the summer so anything you can do to help them with their travel is always good.

This could be something as simple as reminding them to book their Pet Sitter early or something to help them on their travels.

For example:

  • Places to camp/glamp
  • Dog friendly locations
  • Travelling with your dog

Note – don’t be afraid to promote going places with your dog. There are always cats that need care and will be staying home. And people who travel with their dog will always need dog walking when they are back at work.

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