Did you know

Instagram Stories has 500 million users every day AND 62% of those users say they are more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story.

So if you are not using stories then it’s time to get serious about them

And don’t forget you can share your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories – so you are reaching twice as many people.

Win Win!

Introducing The Stories Planner For Pet Business Owners!

Guaranteed to save you HOURS of work each week coming up with story ideas!

  • The Stories Planner tells you what to post each day to your Insta Stories.
  • It doesn’t involve creating tonnes of graphics or videos ahead of time – instead it’s all about using the built in features of Stories to engage and sell to your audience in the way Stories are intended to be used.
  • Each day just open the planner and create your story throughout the day. So instead of just sharing random things to stories, you will have a carefully crafted story concept you can post.
  • THIS…will make you stand out from your competitors as the trusted source of Pet Care in your area.
  • The posts are all quick and easy so that you can do them while you are having your morning coffee, standing in line at the grocery store or watching TV in the evening.
  • And the more you use Stories the better you will get at creating fun and engaging posts.
“The Instagram Stories Planner is a GREAT tool to help you create stories that your clients will love and interact with. They are simple, creative and really help with getting your engagement up. Our clients love them and always interact with us and brag about our creative stories to others!”
“I LOVE Kate’s Planner. It is a great planner for busy business owners. It helps me succeed at marketing even though I would otherwise not have a clue as to what to do.”


What I love most about Instagram Stories is that:


When it comes to Stories I think a lot of people get them wrong.

The other problem is people think they can’t do stories until they have a lot more followers.

In fact, they put off doing them thinking that need to grow their account first.

But the truth is you should be engaging with those people already following you now

Focus on those people that have already said YES I LIKE WHAT YOU DO…and given you a follow.

Because these are the very people that might actually buy something from you.

Even if right now there might only be a handful of them.

Buy Your Copy Of the 2023 Stories Planner

$299/one off payment
<span style="color:#fff;">Immediate Access to the planner</span>
All prices in US Dollars

What Is In The Planner?

Each Month You Will Get

  • The exact content to create up 3 engaging, fun, and interactive stories per day.
  • With instructions on what built-in features to use and the resources, you need to create the story.
  • Everything will be there for you to copy, paste and make awesome-looking Stories.

For example: If on Tuesday you are posting a quiz using the quiz function – you will get all the questions and answers making it super easy for you to post and then get on with your day!

It’s a fact based post – you get all the information needed to create it. You don’t need to do any research.

Just copy and paste!

“The struggle is real. Always trying to come up with fresh story ideas was so painful. I always hit a wall of writer’s block. With Kate’s stories planner, it’s made things so easy. A daily playbook saves me time and has increased interaction with my followers. I just love it.”
“ The stories planner is great because it allows me to post various types of engagements such as quizzes and polls. I don't have to research or think about what I'm going to post for a particular day because it's all right there and done for you.”

Buy Your Copy Of the 2023 Stories Planner

$299/one off payment
<span style="color:#fff;">Immediate Access to the planner</span>
All prices in US Dollars

Take a look at what the planner looks like

The Stories Planner is accessed via an app called Trello. You will get a link to the Trello Board as shown below.  This means you can access the board on your phone each day to post your Stories.

It’s super handy to use on the go – meaning their is no excuse not to keep on top of your stories each day!

As you can see below there is a board for each month and then each day you get a card with the date on and when you open that all of your stories on there for you to post.


Bonus Content Will Include:

BONUS 1. A guide to show you how to create stories that sell your services each week.

BONUS 2. A collection of short demonstration videos to show you how to

  • Create Polls
  • Use Quizzes
  • Make the most of Question Boxes
  • Add Donation Boxes
  • Use the Mention and Support
  • Small Business Features
  • Make the Most of Gifs

BONUS 3. A Facebook Group to get my help and support with your Insta Stories – making sure you stay on track throughout 2023.

Buy Your Copy Of the 2023 Stories Planner

$299/one off payment
<span style="color:#fff;">Immediate Access to the planner</span>
All prices in US Dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

The Early Bird price for the planner is $199 for the year, after the Early Bird Period it will be $299. For all your stories created for you, Facebook support group and my help!

The Marketing Planner is suitable for one off social media posts each day – educational posts, fun posts, inspirational posts that you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You can also use them as inspiration to create Instagram Feed Posts. Plus you get all of your blogs and contest ideas.

The Story Planner is just for Stories. Each day you are given 3 pre written parts of a story you can post – all you need to do is add your own style to it.

Yes, you need to maintain consistency. And once you get into a routine of posting and become more comfortable doing it, I can guarantee you will LOVE doing your Stories each day.

There are demonstration videos to show you how to use the interactive elements of Stories, plus the Facebook Group is there to get help and feedback.