Why I Would Urge You to Start A Blog Or Take Your Current Blog Seriously!

Why Start A Blog

Why I Would Urge You to Start A Blog Or Take Your Blog Seriously Starting Today!

You are a business owner in the Pet Industry and you have been working on your business for at least a year now.

You are passionate about being a business owner and you have had some success with online marketing but your business is not growing at the speed you want it to.

You know you have good processes, good staff and systems to deliver services and exceed your customers’ expectations – but you are not seeing enough of those customers coming to your website and booking with you.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you have already started writing some blog posts for your website but you really have not seen the growth that you want as a result of blogging.

People sometimes read your blogs when you post them on social media and your customers tell you that they like them, but your website is not getting the traffic that you need to really expand your business.

Maybe you haven’t even written a post yet as you don’t know where to start!

Why you’re struggling with blogging

Blogging IS a great way to drive traffic. But if you don’t know about a few key steps you need to take to make it work then you’ll struggle to get any real traction

Learn the skills to make it ‘searchable’ and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

How Can I Help?

Blogging doesn’t need to be hard, in fact you should enjoy it. But you will only begin to enjoy it if you learn to do it correctly.

I help business owners discover

  • Who their ideal client is – it’s not all pet owners!
  • What search terms they need to rank for on Google
  • How to construct a blog post that will get found in Google search
  • How to make sure their website turns leads into sales
  • How to enjoy blogging and not make it another job on your to do list!

Why work with me?

Blogging isn’t hard at all. If anyone tells you that then they are wrong.

There is however no magic bullet when it comes to success from blogging.

What is takes is:

  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • The skills (which you can learn)
  • Passion

But what comes of it can be incredible if you are prepared to implement what you learn.

How I stopped struggling with my blog, attracted 10k visitors a month, grew my business by 450% and then franchised it!

I initially struggled with blogging and spent time producing blogs that would never bring traffic to my website, but then when I learned the key steps that I needed to implement I was able to drive 10,000 visitors a month to my business, took my business to multiple 6 figures and then went on to franchise it.

If you are really serious about having a business where customers find you online and want to work with you (and not just the ones looking for your services, but people who have never even thought about your service) then blogging is a must.

Learn the skills from someone who has already made LOADS of mistakes and knows exactly what to do. Someone who is interviewed about their success by other thought leaders, who has spoken at events about blogging and who is featured in articles about blogging success for businesses.

Click to book a free strategy call with me and find out how I can help you and get 3 tips to turn your blog around today.

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