Is Using Social Media for Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Worth All The Effort?!

Social media is MASSIVE!

It has come a long way since Facebook started (or even MySpace and Bebo if you remember that far back!)

And it’s constantly changing with new trends like stories and reels.

It can be hard to keep up!

And when you’re busy with Pet Sitting and Dog Walking and everything else it takes to run your business it’s natural to wonder is it really worth the effort?!

Well, if you know me it’s no surprise my answer is YES!

Is Using Social Media for Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Worth All The Effort?!

It’s no secret that I love social media! But I know not every Pet Business Owner is into it.

And that’s OK! 

Even if you’re not into social media personally, it’s an amazing free resource to attract a constant stream of ideal clients into your business.

AND it doesn’t have to be difficult!

  • You don’t have to master ALL the platforms!
  • Start with the one that appeals to you most – you can add additional platforms as you gain more confidence if you like.
  • It’s about finding what works for you and your business and once you get started it’s not as daunting as it seems.
  • You don’t even have to jump on every new trend that comes out! Great news if you don’t fancy lip-synching, dancing or pointing at text!

But you’ll find there’s usually a way to leverage new trends in a way that suits you. You don’t even have to get on camera if you don’t want to – making your pets the stars or even using trending sounds and videos is a great way to grow you social platforms.

You can even get someone else to do it for you!

Did you know you get a Done For You Monthly Marketing Pack in my Membership?

It includes;

  • 4 Promotional Captions to promote your services so people are clear on what you do and how to get in touch with you to book services
  • 4 Conversation Starters to generate engagement on social media and increase your brand awareness
  • 4 Instagram Reel Kits including the audio to use, examples of it being used and the caption to include when you post your reel. 
  • 25 Canva Graphic Templates to promote your business, drive engagement and stand out from your competition. 

And I guide you through exactly how to customize and use them so you can create a whole month of social media content in a couple of hours!

And so much more in the Membership!

You’ll be amazed how your audience starts to grow and become more engaged and before you know it you’ll have a constant stream of clients year round with just a little time and effort and no need to spend a fortune on advertising!

If you’re seeing the benefits of using social media but need some help, check out my Membership. 

It’s the community I wish I’d had when I started and is packed with amazing resources you can use in you business quickly and easily as you grow your knowledge, knowing it’s time well spend because I only share what I know works right now in my own business.

It’s super affordable too and as well as all the resources you’ll meet an amazing bunch of Pet Business Owners who are there to support you when times are tough!

Check out the details here and see if it’s for you.

And even if the Membership isn’t for you, dedicate a little time each week to growing your social media and you’ll soon see that it really IS worth the effort to create a stream of clients all year round.


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