Social Media Tips: How Much Text Should You Include On Your Images?

Making sure you have good images for your social media platforms is really important. There is no doubt that content with a good image performs much better than content with a bad image.

I am big believer in less is more when it comes to creating images. It’s just a bad idea to try and cram everything you ever thought of saying onto one picture.

It just doesn’t work…and here is why.

1. A picture in social media is just that…a picture. Not a picture to write all over.

2. If you cram too much onto the picture you will probably have to reduce the size of the text and then it will be too small to catch anyone’s attention.

3. You lose the beauty of the picture if it is cluttered with text.

4. Your blog or status update is where you write all your info.

That is why I LOVE the FB 20% Rule.

Yes it can be annoying when you are borderline just over the 20%, but you would have to agree that FB does this for a reason.

They want their users to have a good experience on the Facebook platform and clearly they don’t feel that pictures cluttered with text does that.

So next time you are creating a picture, I suggest you run it through the 20% test and see if it passes.

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