Social Meda Guide {Free Download}

The Exact Steps I Take to Make Sales From Social Media Every Day in My Pet Business

Running a Pet Business is HARD! And you don’t have time to pour into social media marketing. Especially when it doesn’t even seem to be bringing you sales!

Hi I’m Kate and I’ve been running Pet Sitters Ireland since 2010.

I love pets, social media, blogging and pretty stationery!

Soon after launching my business with my husband, we realised flyers and cards in local shops weren’t going to bring us enough business to stay afloat and grow it the way we wanted to.

And that’s when I went all in on social media and blogging.

Its taken commitment, focus, trial and error, stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and keeping up with the ever changing social media scene.

And I’m glad to say that the hard work and consistency paid off bigtime!

Today we have a social following of over 50,000 and 52,000 visits to our website every month and new clients and sales from social media every single day.

We’ve been able to nationally franchise our business AND won an award for it! I get requests to review pet products from brands like Dyson and I’ve been invited to share my knowledge at industry events.

And now I’m sharing with you the exact steps I take on a daily basis to stay relevant on social media, grow an engaged loyal audience and make those sales every single day!

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