Should I Use Snapchat for my Pet Business?

There is always something new to be checking out on Social Media, but I must admit it has been on my mind more and more whether I should use Snapchat for my Pet Sitting business.

Snapchat has been around a while now, but was always considered something for teenagers. However it is clear that big brands are embracing it’s power and using it to let their customers see the more personal side of their business.

With Gary Vaynerchuck telling the world that Snapchat is the place for businesses to be, it does make me think that it’s worth taking a look at how I might be able to use it in my business.

Should I Use Snapchat For My Pet Business-

Facts About Snapchat

  • 100 million active users (May 2015)
  • 45% of users between 18-24
  • 70% users female
  • 18% of social media users are on snapchat

What Is A Snap?

A snap is basically a picture or a video which you share with your followers immediately and lasts up to 10 seconds. Once someone opens your snapchat they only see it for the specified time and then it can no longer be viewed.

Note – someone could screenshot your snap, so there is always a way people can save the content you send them!

To create a snap you click on the large round button in the middle and either take a picture or hold to record a video.

Take a snap

Once you have taken your image or video you can add text, writing or emojis to it.

Use the 3 icons top right allow you to add to the picture. The note symbol is for emojis, the T is for text and the pencil is to write on your image (maybe text or arrows or smiley faces)

snapchat screen

Edit snapchat





The bottom icons from left to right

  • The clock is where you change the length of time you want someone to see the snap – up to 10 seconds.
  • The arrow pointing down allows you to save the snap
  • The plus symbol is where you have the option to add the snap to a story
  • The right arrow allows you to send the snap to someone.

What Is A Story?

If you decide to keep adding your snaps to create a story then this can be viewed for 24 hours. It’s a great way to let people see your entire day and what you got up to.

Think day in the life of a Pet Biz Owner

How Could You Use Snapchat For Your Pet Business?

Meet The Team

It’s a great way to let people see you and your team interacting with the pets that you take care of. Creating a story of images and videos throughout the day lets people see how much fun their pets could have with you if you are taking care of them.

Special Offers

You could let you know followers know about a special offer you have running. Maybe you have a discount coupon off your services or a slot open for a new client. Making it exclusive to your snapchat following can make it very exclusive.


Use it to promote an event and let people know it is coming up. Then use it during the event to highlight the great time everyone is having. The Westminster Dog Show recently did a great job of this, using a series of videos and pictures (with text overlay) to highlight everything that went on at the show.

Snap 1Snap 3












Get To Know You Personally

A lot of brands on Snapchat are using it to allow their followers to see behind the scenes into their personal life – what they get up to daily, where they work, what coffee they drink, what TV shows they like etc. Almost like your own reality TV show!

It gives people a flavour of the person you are and what your interests are, which could help when people come to making a choice on who to do business with. People do buy from people, but how much you want them to see about you personally rather than the brand is up to you. It really depends on your business set up and whether you are trying to sell your brand or you as a person.

As someone who helps people with their marketing I would like them to see the fun side of my life, but for my Pet Sitting business I feel that I would want to represent the brand, the team, the events etc.

How To Promote You Are on Snapchat

At the moment the search function is limited in Snapchat, so you need to know the person you are looking to follow.

Therefore you need to make sure you advertise the fact that you are on Snapchat and let people know your username.

Blog About It

You could write a blog post about your snapchat account and what you plan to feature on there to encourage people to follow you. Download some of your snaps to include in the article to show them what kind of content they can expect from you.

Make it seem like a fun and cool place to follow you, and let them know that you will be sharing content with them that will be exclusive to snapchat.

Include in Bios and Website

Add your snapchat name to your Twitter bio, your facebook profile and your website. Let people know to come over there and follow you.

Use Other Social Channels

Promote a limited amount of content on other social channels to bring people over to your snapchat account. Maybe promote a picture of something fun or a tease them with discounts or special offers you might be promoting on snapchat. Fear of missing out is a great strategy to get people to join you on a new social channel.

Email Your Customers

Let your existing customers know you are on snapchat and invite them to follow you. Get them to share you account with their friends.

Follow Other People

Find other people in the pet industry to follow and start a conversation with them. You can comment on people’s snaps via a private message to them – so make sure you introduce yourself. Get social! When someone follows you why not send them a welcome message and introduce yourself.

Are you going to use Snapchat?

I find it quite a fun platform and I can see how people could really get to see the person behind the business.


  1. It’s very time consuming
  2. You need to put some thought into a strategy. We don’t just want to see pictures of your dinner every day
  3. It uses up so much of phone battery – which is a big problem if you are out and about during the day.

If you have’t mastered your blogging and Facebook, then I would suggest they are more valuable in attracting ideal customers initially. Snapchat would be something you add if you have additional time and want to explore the possibilities for your business.

Here is my snapchat – so if you are thinking of trying out the platform then let me know!

snapchat account

Want to chat more about Snapchat? Head over to my Facebook Group and join in the conversation.


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