How Many Services Should Your Pet Business Offer?

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Over the last few months I have been working on launching a couple of new services in our business and it got me thinking about the number of services we offer and what we want to be known for. You see I am a strong believer that if you offer people too much choice then they don’t choose anything.

It’s like standing in a notebook store (yes, I love notebooks!) and there being so many that you just can’t decide which one you want and because you don’t want to make the wrong choice you go away to ‘think’ about it and end up not purchasing anything.

It’s the same for whatever you are selling.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

First things first – do you know who your ideal customer is? Because you should be creating services for them. Do your customers want short cheap visits or do their care more about their pets and want a longer more personal service?

Start with who you want to work with before you start creating services for everyone and anyone.

Be lazer focused about who you want in your business.

What Are You Selling?

If you are a Pet Sitter and you have 5 different types of visits do you need to overwhelm someone on your website with a long list of different choices. Not really –you are promoting Pet Sitting.

You need to sell them the benefits of what Pet Sitting can do for them and then get them on a call to deep dive into the best options for them.

You can mention you can facilitate early, late, overnight etc, but do you need to list all of them and start to confuse people.

Can You Reduce Your Service List?

Sometimes you might think that giving people lots of different options will mean you will win more of the business. But really, it’s probably the opposite.

Imagine you are selling Dog Walking and you are offering 10, 20, 30, 45, 60-minute walks and then you are offering group walks and solo walks and potty breaks and hill walks.

It’s exhausting just reading about them.

Instead you should be selling the emotional feeling that hiring a dog walker offers

  • Better pet owner
  • Happy dog
  • More convenience

And then mention various walk lengths

What If Your Service List Is Too Long – Can You Change It?

Absolutely! You can change your services and let the clients know their services will be ending. Offer them a new option and explain how the new service will be better.

Look through the options you have and determine which are the most profitable and which you enjoy delivering.

You can’t be everything to everyone – so take control of your services list and make sure it matches your ideal clients and the direction you want your bottom line to go in!


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