How to Make Sales From Social Media EVERY DAY in Your Pet Business in 2020

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Do you want more sales from your social media in 2020?

What if I told you I gain new clients and make more sales for my Pet Business every single day from my social media and you can too?

Maybe you’re thinking ‘That sounds like a lot of work!’ and ‘I don’t have time to spend hours on social media every week!’

And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t HAVE to be a lot of work and you don’t NEED hours and hours to do it.

In fact, give me an hour a week to plan your social media and a bit of time to interact every day (while you’re probably already on social media anyway ;-)) and I’ll soon have you growing your social media and more importantly gaining new clients and making sales every single day!

How to Make Sales From Social Media EVERY DAY in Your Pet Business in 2020

Here’s how I make sales from social media every day without spending hours on Facebook!

#1. Plan in advance

You DON’T have hours to spend on social media every single day! So the best thing you can do is plan and SCHEDULE your content in advance.

Set a monthly appointment in your calendar to sit down and plan what you’ll share that month.

Planning ahead allows you to make the most of seasonal events and awareness days that’ll create great engagement for your audience and give you the opportunity to create helpful content and offers for them.

You can create and schedule the whole month’s content in advance or break it down into weekly sessions.

That way you know it gets done and there’s no better feeling than knowing your social media for the week is SORTED and you can get on with everything else it takes to run your business!

#2. Be Yourself!

My best tip for creating social media content is to be yourself and create the sort of content YOU’D want to engage with. That way it comes easily and naturally and you attract the sort of people it’ll be fun to work with!

Ask your audience to share their favourite pictures of their pets! You can do this in multiple themed ways and people love sharing their pet pics!

And this is just one example of the type of posts that create engagement and bring your audience closer to you make them more likely to buy.

#3. Try New Social Media Features and Trends

I love emojis and gifs and polls and stories and so do my audience! Whenever new features like this come out on social platforms I dive right in and play with them.

Sometimes new things work straight away, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error. Sometimes they just don’t work that well for me and that’s ok!

Just don’t be afraid to have a play.

Pet Business Planner#4. Answer the questions your customers are asking!

This has been key to the success of my business. Over the years I’ve created hundreds of blogs that my customers want to read. Everything from answering the nitty-gritty questions about our services to recipes for dog cookies!

The key is to position it as the answer to your customer’s question, not the offers you’re making or agenda you’re pushing.

I recommend sharing regular blogs (and / or videos or podcasts) on your social media and the great thing is you can keep sharing older ones as you build a catalog.

#5. Keep it simple!

You really can make social media as complicated or simple as you want!

Yes, images are great for social media, but you can keep it quick and simple using apps and in-built features on social platforms.

And setting up consistent brand colours, fonts and templates makes it even easier to produce a whole week or month’s worth of images in a short planning session.

Similarly, find the scheduling apps and tools that keep it simple for you.

There are so many free resources available! Make the most of them and create a routine that keeps it quick and simple for you to create great content!

These are the things I do on a regular basis that mean I gain new clients and make sales every day on my social media and if you start doing this consistently you’ll soon be getting those daily sales too!

And if this all sounds great and you feel like you’d like a little help and support to achieve it?

I totally have you covered!

That’s why I created the Pet Business Owners Marketing Planner 2020!

The planner comes with copy and paste content that engages and converts for every single day of the year and my tried and tested tools to create and schedule all your content.

And if that’s not enough, there are regular coaching calls from me to really tailor the resources to your business and a Facebeook group for support, ideas and to answer your questions.

Click here to find out all the details and order your copy!


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