Why Run A Competition For Your Pet Business?

Run a competition pet business

As a Pet Business Owner running a competition can be a great way to get more visibility for your business and connect with your ideal customers. In this article, I discuss in more depth why you should run a competition for your Pet Business.

Reasons To Run A Competition For Your Pet Business?

#1. Sales

There are other reasons for running a competition which I will discuss below, but ultimately you need to make sales if you are in business. Without sales, there is no business!

A competition might not immediately generate sales, but it should work towards that. For example, if you run a competition are you collecting emails that will allow you to sell to the entrants in the future?

#2. Brand Awareness

A competition that gets a lot of press attention or social shares can be great to get your brand known.

If you are new to the market or are looking to grow your brand then often this can be a cheaper way of advertising than paying for ads. Be careful though that the competition is attracting your ideal customer as opposed to people who just like to enter competitions.

#3. Increase Social Media Following

Growing our social media following is a great way to give us the chance to interact with more people and also gives us a certain amount of social proof.

If a potential customer is checking out your business and they see you have thousands of fans versus the handful another company might have then we tend to gravitate towards the more popular account/business.

#4. Build Email List

Email marketing is a really powerful way to get in front of your ideal customer. People check their emails on the phone all the time and if they are interested in what you are sending them then they will engage with you.

If you are not collecting emails from your competition you are missing out on an opportunity to continue the conversation with them.

#5. Increase Engagement

Competitions on social media are a great way to get more engagement on your social channels. People love to share things with their friends and you can often find that even a small competition can gain you a great amount of visibility.

In order to get your content seen on Facebook, you do need to make sure your followers are engaged.

6. Collaboration

We all know you are judged by the company you keep, so by aligning yourself with brands that match your ethos you can not only increase your credibility but also tap into a new audience.

If the brand is sponsoring your competition then they will share that with their followers which can help you reach an entirely new audience.

Not Sure Where To Start With A Competition?

Would you love to run a competition but aren’t sure where to start? Why not join us in the Members Club where you can gain access to my Competition Blue Print.

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