Review Of Edgar: Social Media Scheduling Tool

I’m a huge fan of making life easier and setting up systems to make running your business easier. Since I started my business I have always used Scheduling Software to make sure I have regular content going out to my customers.

Now that is not to say that I don’t engage with customers. There is no point pushing out content every day and then not engaging with those potential customers. So ‘live’ content, and engagement, is really important.

In the past I have tried Hootsuite and Buffer, and although they were great there was still work in uploading your content weekly.

Let me introduce Edgar – the coolest Social Media Management and Scheduling Tool.

With Edgar you can create libraries of different types of content and then create a schedule around those libraries to push out your content at specific times.

What I love about Edgar

#1. It re-uses your content.

This for me is the biggest benefit of using Edgar. Recycling your content is a huge advantage. If you write a blog today then why not re use it time and time again. We know that not everyone sees our social media posts so it makes sense to promote them more than once.

For example, if you upload 20 blogs to Edgar and schedule your blogs to go out 5 times a week, once Edgar has used all 20 then it starts back at blog number 1 and goes back through the list.

Meet Edgar


#2. It categorizes your posts.

When you come to set up your categories of posts it really does make you sit down and think about the types of posts you want to put out to your audience. It will also help you see where you are lacking in certain areas.

For example, if most of your posts are funny pictures and cute videos then you need to look at adding some more informative categories.  You need a mix of posts. Some text only, videos, images, links etc.

You also want a mix of posts going out at different times of the day and Edgar allows you to do this.

 #3. You can easily edit your schedule.

The schedule is really easy to use and let you set times when you want your posts to go out. At Christmas I had selection of Christmas images and blog posts. I was able to set those up in the schedule and then once Christmas was over take them out.

What is cool though is that the content remains in the library, it’s just not on the schedule to post. So when Christmas comes around again I can add it back in and all the content I wrote for Christmas last year is all still there.

You can do this with any seasonal or one off posts.

The Dangers of Edgar in the wrong hands!

BEWAREDo not use Edgar to bombard your followers with post after post of the same thing on every account you have. You need to create different schedules and posts for different platforms and accounts.

If you are using the same content on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in then don’t post them to all 3 platforms at the same time. It just looks like spam!

Everyone knows that companies use scheduling software, but used properly it doesn’t need to look automated.

Mix in some live posts each day as well and engage with everyone that comments. Using Edgar is giving you back some time, so use it wisely and start up some conversations with your followers.

Check out my Pawsome video showing you around Edgar.

And tell me in the comments below if you use Edgar and what you love about it.

If you are not using it (and you should be!!) then check it out here and get signed up!



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  1. MeetEdgar is a social media management system that allows you to upload all of your social media posts into a categorized library. When you have filled up your library, you go to the calendar and tell Edgar to randomly pick an item from a category in your library, and post it to all the top social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. MeetEdgar Review then just deals a card randomly from that deck on that day. This is different from other social media management tools that have you create a post and schedule it to appear on a specified day.

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