5 Ways To Remain Consistent In Your Business Every Day

Do you ever feel that you are on fire with your business one week and the next week you are distracted and not getting as much done as you need to. I totally get that it can be hard to be consistent in your business. We all lack motivation from time to time, but even if we have the motivation we need sometimes we just run out of steam a little bit. We get sidetracked with other things or we procrastinate over making things happen.

I like structure, I like to know what I am doing and what my focus is for the week or month. It’s the way I have built my business and how I run my marketing. I have themes, I keep things going all the time and I am always thinking ahead.

But sometimes I do get bitten by the procrastination bug and I struggle to be consistent in my business.

5 Ways To Remain Consistent In Your Business

#1. Plan

A good plan will keep you on track to meet your goals for the year. If you don’t plan things out the year will be over and you won’t have achieved what you wanted to.

When I talk about planning I mean writing it all down so you can see what steps you need to take, what your focus is going to be and how you are going to achieve all of these things.

Get yourself a word document, a spreadsheet or my favourite a pretty planner! and make sure you map everything out that you want to do during the year. As you start to write things down more ideas will flow and you will find out that you have some super creative ways to market your business.

#2. Accountability

Make yourself accountable. Whether you decide to hire a coach, join a mastermind or a group it doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that you are accountable for taking action every day. Whether that’s just something small like committing to talking to one new pet owner a day or something bigger like a full marketing plan you need someone to pull you on it when you don’t do it.

Sometimes just putting the intention out there is enough to get you to stick to it, other times you need a bit more hand holding.

#3. Desire

Only you can be responsibile for your desire to do something. Ultimately it stops with you and if you can’t be bothered then no-one can force you! It’s really important that you are clear on what you want from your business, why you are doing and where you see it taking you. It’s not always about money for people, sometimes it’s about lifestyle – for example you want more time with family and the business will allow you to do that.

Make sure that your desire is there and if it isn’t then it’s probably time for a change or a re focus.

#4. Give Yourself A Break

We will all procrastinate about things in life, I know I do every time I think about laundry or cleaning. I just don’t really like doing it so I put it off and off and off!

It’s ok to do that from time to time, give yourself a break and then get back to it. Sometimes stepping away from things helps you re focus to then create a more consistent schedule for yourself.

Working on your business shouldn’t be forced it should be enjoyable.

#5. Keep Good Company

The people you hang around with are a huge influence on your life – both business and personal. If you hang around with negative people it will rub off on you.

Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good about yourself, that understand you and your business goals and support you.

Get out of those miserable, moaning Facebook groups and find places where positive action takers hang out. If you have miserable friends on Facebook get rid of them. You mood (and your consistency) will be affected by a miserable timeline!


How to you remain consistent in your business? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below.



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