Reasons to Start A Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

When you start any business it is really important to be very clear about why you want to start a business and why you think it’s the prefect industry for you. Sometimes we can rush into things thinking they will be easy or a quick way to make money – but that never is the case. Owning and running your own business is hard work.

Personally I don’t believe that liking animals is enough reason to start a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business, as there are so many more elements to running the business than just loving cats and dogs.

Reasons to Start A Pet Sitting andDog

Often people think that all you do is play with animals all day and that’s it. But there is so much more to it. You need to provide great customer service, manage schedules, process payments, promote you business, follow up with customers, create content for your business…and so much more.

So why might you start a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business.

1. You want to build an income for you and your family

Owning a Pet Sitting and Dog walking business can be more than just a hobby to earn a bit of extra cash to spend on holiday, it’s an actual business run by professionals. So when you think of starting a business where do you see it going? Do you see yourself eventually having staff to help you or are you thinking of working your business around the school run with your kids. There is no point starting a business if you don’t have a clear vision of how it will help you and your family have the things in life you need.

2. You enjoy an active lifestyle

If you are planning on working in your business you need to enjoy being out and about in ALL weather. We don’t stop walking dogs when it’s windy or wet – dogs like to go out in all weathers. You need to be physically able for the job as you are going to spend more time outdoors than inside at your desk.

Now if those things don’t suit you then you will need to hire staff and that’s probably something you are going to want to get help with. It’s possible to run a successful business that you work on and not in.

3. You want a business you can sell one day

If you set your business up in the correct way and have it running like a well oiled machine then one day you will have a business in a profitable industry that you could sell and make a lot of money from. There is nothing wrong with having this goal – but you need to keep it in mind every time you make a decision or implement a policy. Effectively everything needs to run without you.

So let me know why you think you might start a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business.


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