5 Reasons To Purchase My 2023 Stories Planner

If you are not using Instagram Stories then you are missing a trick because there is a HUGE audience watching stories every day that you could get your business in front of.

Did you know that….?

  • Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day (Instagram internal data, January 2019)
  • One third (1/3) of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses

Amazing right?

And what’s even more amazing is that Stories are quick and easy to create –so you don’t have to spend time creating perfect images and scheduling them – you can just do everything right inside the app – quick and easy!

So why do you need my help?

Well if you are like most people you probably struggle to come up with new ideas of what to share each day, you maybe don’t have time to research content to share and you sometimes aren’t the best at being consistent.

Which is why I created my 2022 Stories Planner

Which just like my regular Marketing Planner it does it ALL for you!

Aside from me physically posting your stories – I give you everything else you need.

AND you get my help too.

5 Reasons To Purchase My 2022 Stories Planner

#1. Connect With The Local Community

People love to see things that are going on in their local area. So, if you are attending events, out walking your dog, visiting a café it all makes great content for Stories.

And just like on your regular feed posts you can use hashtags in Stories and also tag locations. That means you can create content that will be found by people in your local area.

These people will want to watch your Stories to see what local places you can recommend next.

#2. Stay Top Of Mind

Every time you post a story you appear at the top of the app. So when someone comes on to watch their stories – there you are!

Each time they see your name pop up it’s just another reminder you are ready to help them.

Whether it’s an educational post, a quiz, a behind the scenes or just something inspirational – it’s all a reminder of you and your product/services.

So when they need what you have to offer – who do you think they will think of?

You of course!!!

#3. Differentiate Yourself From Other Businesses

Most companies make a half-hearted attempt at stories. They aren’t really even creating stories – just maybe sharing the odd picture. But nothing that would make people look forward to their stories.

Having a plan, with great content, will make you look AMAZING. And as we work together to get your stories looking on brand the results will be incredible.

#4. Promote Your Service

Of course educational, fun and inspirational posts are so important to engagement – but we also want to make sure we are selling our products and services.

The planner has a huge section on how to do this and make all types of posts that will convert your loyal stories viewers into customers.

#5. Take The Guess Work Out Of Stories

You probably don’t have time to come up with new ideas for marketing all the time. And I get that – you have a business to run.

So my planner does ALL of that for you. It takes the guess work out of Stories marketing and makes you look like you have a marketing team creating content for you!

Purchase the 2023 Stories Planner and Make 2022 Amazing


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