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Everyone needs a plan if they want to move their business forward.

Without a plan you are just hoping, waiting, assuming something will happen.

You aren’t actually in control of your future.

The day I started planning EVERYTHING is the day our saw my business move on in leaps and bounds.

I can even tell when I am not sticking to my plan, as the phone rings less and we get fewer enquiries. Maybe not that day, but I might notice it in a few months.

Because the momentum of sticking to my marketing plan EVERYDAY means that I am always looking for new customers, I am always creating connections with people and I am always adding value through my content.

7 Reasons To Purchase The 2019 Marketing Planner

Here are just some of the reasons why purchasing a plan to market your pet business is the best investment you could make for 2019.

#1. Saves You Time

Creating a plan for the year is a time consuming task. Firstly you need to come up with ideas of things to post, then factor in the time of the year and then think about what your audience will love.

Having content and social media post ideas ready for you to hit the ground running saves an enormous amount of time. And when they have already been tested on a pet loving audience you are already ahead of the competition.

#2. Gives You Proven Ideas

Marketing is always changing and what works today might need to be tweaked tomorrow. The beauty of ideas that have been tested is that you take some of that need for testing away.

Obviously you will always need to track what works for your audience, but having proven ideas is a great way to start things and build an engaged audience.

#3. A Perfect Framework

Adding your personality to your brand is so important. But having a framework where you have all your posts and you just need to inject a bit of ‘you’ into it means you are more than half way done!

Researching all the things you need to post throughout the year is a big task and coming up with ideas of what to do is time consuming and often difficult. With a framework of posts you can skip all that research.

#4. Helps You Plan Ahead

Never be caught with nothing to post again! Planning means you can have things like blogs, posts and images ready to go.

You won’t be scrambling around because you need a picture to celebrate Walk The Dog Day!

#5. Keeps You On Track

Having a plan means you have something to follow. When you aren’t sure what you need to be doing you can just look at your plan and see what to do.

We all lose focus from time to time, but with a plan you can at least pick it up and get back on track really quickly.

#6. Makes You Accountable

With my Marketing plan you get tonnes of opportunity to be held accountable via the Facebook Group and online coaching sessions.

You can also make yourself accountable by printing off the planner and ticking off the daily tasks as you do them.

There is something very satisfying about ticking off your to do list!

#7. Ask For Feedback

We all need feedback every now and then to check we are on the right track. Sometimes you might write a blog post or create an image and wonder if it’s ok. I know I do!

And normally it is…it’s just nice to get that feedback and any pointers to make it the best it can be.

Want to grab the planner? Find out more here

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27 ways to get more customers in your pet business
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