15 Reasons to Join Blogging Bootcamp With Kate McQuillan

If you are on the fence about joining my Blogging Bootcamp, then you might have been wondering what the benefits would be for you and your business.

In this article I am going to run through some of the reasons why you would want to join me and learn more about Blogging for your Pet Business.

15 Reasons to Join Blogging Bootcamp With Kate McQuillan

#1. Build Content on Your Own Website

With all the constant changes on Social Media one of the only things you can be certain of is your own website. It’s therefore important to build content on your own website and drive traffic to a place where you own the content.

Social Media is great, but you want people coming to your website through Google search. This traffic is free and is also consistent once you start to rank on Google.

#2. Learn to Answer Customer Questions

If you can answer a range of questions about your services on your website you will start to see your sales conversions increase.

People want to be able to find information about a service before they talk to someone. So, by having a range of detailed well written articles on your website you are making the Customer Acquisition process much easier.

Did you know that 70% of people make their buying decision before they even pick up the phone to talk to someone – so your website and blog need to do a good job of making them contact you!

#3. Understand Why SEO Is Important

The amount of people that Blog without any thought for SEO is overwhelming.

It upsets me to see these people making the effort to blog, but just not learning how to structure it and research the topics to make sure they can have a chance of being ranked on Google.

Just like you learn to drive a car…you need to learn to blog!

#4 Learn How to Layout a Blog Post So Google Can Understand What It’s About

There are things you can do to help Google understand who to show your articles to. The way you research your topics, how you lay your blog post out and where you share it/promote it all has a bearing on the success of your blog posts.

Learning to lay out your blog post properly is the difference between ZERO traffic and customers.

#5. Discover Tools to Help Make Blogging Easy

We all want to make life a little bit easier, don’t we?

So, you want to find ways to help you research, write and present your blogs.

There are lots of tools we will discuss to help you with this.

#6. Learn How to Train Your Current Blogger in Blogging Best Practices

If you are currently paying someone to write your blog posts how do you know they are doing a very good job?

Do you even look whether they bring in much traffic?

What SEO practices are they implementing?

I am not against hiring a blogger (I have done it myself in the past) but make sure you train them to blog in the best way possible.

#7. Leverage Social Media and Email Marketing to Promote Your Blog

Social media is an excellent way to promote your business. Despite people complaining about Facebook reach there are still lots of ways to get your content seen.

Building an email list is vital for long term growth.

You will hear people say, “The Money is in The List!” and it’s true.

We will cover how to make the most of Facebook and how to grow your list.


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#8. Get My Help and Support

Let’s face it you need help sometimes and this course is an online class taught by me!

It’s not theory – you can see examples of everything you need to do as we work through the course material.

And it’s nice to have the help of someone who is doing already what you want to do.

 #9. Get Feedback on Your Blog Posts

Get honest feedback on what you are already doing, how you can improve it and the homework you do as part of the course.

Don’t be scared – it’s all positive feedback to help you develop your skills.

#10. Learn with Other Like-Minded Business Owners

Everyone is here to learn, and we will work together during the sessions and in the Facebook group to make sure you end the course knowing how to be a blogging Ninja!

It will be a positive and supportive learning experience.

#11. Save Money on Advertising

If you can master the art of blogging it will save you spending a lot of money on ads.

This is the best present you can give to yourself in the long term.

 #12. Raise the Profile of Your Business

The more you get seen online the more people will trust you. That’s a fact!

People think we spend millions on advertising, but we don’t! We just write a lot of blog posts and appear all over Google!

#13. Position Yourself as an Authority

If you are blogging about pet care, and your experience of pets, then people are more likely to trust you.

If you are looking at 2 websites and one is full of helpful and useful information and the other only has a couple of pages – which do you trust more to care for your pets?

I know which I would trust most!

#14. Use the Skills to Enhance Your Website Pages

The skills you learn to be a better blogger will help you become a more strategic writer when it comes to the pages of your website, your social media updates and your email marketing.

Not only do we want blog posts to rank better in Google we also want our main Service pages to also.

#15. Convert More Customers Quicker and Easier

Give someone the information and it’s easier for them to make an informed decision.

When you start to blog, you seem to attract better client enquires – ones that are actively looking for what you have to offer.

This makes selling a thing of the past as they are ready to book before they speak with you.


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