How to promote Your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business on Social Media

I’m always encouraging clients and followers to promote their Pet Sitting and Dog Walking businesses on Social Media!

But honestly? Not everyone is great at it!

It takes more than just sharing a link to your website! In fact most people won’t click on a link if you don’t pique their interest by telling them about it in your caption.

People come to Social Media for fun! And to be entertained and informed about things they’re interested in. But they’re scrolling and will only stop if something grabs their attention.

And that’s where being creative with your captions comes in!

There are so many many ways to talk about your services and so many types of captions you can use. From questions and gifs to polls and memes and even stories and reels!

But honestly?! Even I’ve been known to get stumped occasionally on how to promote our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services yet again!

I know, me! The Social Media addict!

Luckily it doesn’t last long!

Especially as I’ve been doing it for years and have literally hundreds of captions saved that I know work from over the years. And I’m always getting inspired with new ways to share the same services that keep a constant stream of new and returning customers booking our services.

And although it can be a bit daunting, it’s not rocket science! It can be as simple as asking if your audience needs your services.

E.g. Do you need a Dog Walker while you’re at work? Then you can talk a bit about your services and invite them to book.

Or talk about some of the questions they might have about using your services

E.g. Can I book a Puppy Visit even though my puppy’s too young for a walk?

And if you need or want more help with captions for promoting your business, you’ll find 4 promotional captions inside the Monthly Done For You Marketing Pack inside my Membership!

The pack also includes;

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Hope to see you in there soon!

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