The Problem With Blogging For Your Business And How It Could Be Losing You Customers

Blogging For Your Business

When you start a blog you are full of enthusiasm about keeping your website updated. Maybe people have told you that you need a blog to promote your services, or you need to be seen as the authority in your area about what you do.

So, like a good business owner you start writing down all your thoughts about what you do and adding them to your blog. You probably committed to blogging once a week, or more. Blog after blog you write and then add them to your website.

Then after a few months or so you feel deflated that your business has not become an overnight success from all your blogging efforts.

Should I Stop Blogging For My Businesss If I Don’t Get New Customers?

I get it, you had such high expectations, because everyone told you that all you needed to do was blog and you would get customers. So you thought after all this time blogging you would have hundreds of new customers.

But, guess what…it doesn’t work like that. Blogging requires consistent effort to achieve massive results. Much like most things in life.

The biggest mistake though that you could make is to stop blogging because that is when you will lose customers.

Yes, lose them!

If I go to a website and the blog has not been updated recently then I start to think:

Is this company still in business?

And then I go to the next website that is offering the same service and if their site is up to date then I contact them.

How Often Should You Blog?

I can hear you saying the same things everyone says – I don’t have time, it doesn’t work, no-one reads them.

But these are all things you can fix with the right strategy.

If you are short on time, then blog once a month. Not ideal from a traffic point of view, but it’s better than nothing.

It doesn’t work/no-one reads them, but what are you doing to get the right title and promote your blog? Are you following best practice when it comes to choosing a title that Google will find in search? Are you sharing your blogs on social media? Are you writing about what your ideal customers are searching for?

How Long Will It Take For Blogging To ‘Work’?

For me, a blog ‘works’ if someone gets value from it. It might only be read by one person, but if that person is your ideal customer then they could go on to bring your business thousands in revenue each year.

This is why it is so important to make sure you are writing about the things your ideal customers want to know about.

AND you are writing them so that Google knows what they are about and people can find them when they search for them.

If you are writing all about yourself and how wonderful you are and why your customers should book services now, I can guarantee you will not benefit from blogging.

Blogging is about being useful and wanting to help and educate others – not about telling everyone how great you are.

How Can I Help You?

There a lot of articles about Blogging on this website that you can read through and educate yourself on how to be a better blogger.

Got questions then get in touch and let me know what you are struggling with.


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