Why it’s a GOOD thing when potential customers don’t hire you

Clients That Decide Not To Use Your Services

When you spend time chatting to someone on the phone or dealing with an enquiry via email or social media you can feel a bit disappointed then when they decide not to go ahead with using your services.

And often you might take it personally – feeling like they have wasted your time or don’t value what you do.

But sometimes it’s actually a good thing, because we aren’t always a fit for everyone.

  • Maybe they don’t have the budget for your services.
  • Perhaps they don’t like the way you do business
  • Or maybe it’s just not a good match for either of you

So, instead of feeling sad about not signing up every new customer – be glad that you have made space for more of the right customers.

3 Things You Can Do To Attract The Right Customers

How can we make sure that we are attracting the right type of people to our business. So that the people we speak with on the phone or via email LOVE us and want to do business with us regardless of what we cost or how we do things.

#1. Is the copy on your website talking to the type of person you want to work with?

When someone reads through the service pages of your website you want them to have the immediate reaction of “OMG this sounds perfect” or ” Oh these guys totally get pets and they would be perfect for my dog/cat” (or something similar!)

Generic, boring, bland descriptions of how you walk dogs, clean litter trays and are insured have become almost a given for a professional – and so they don’t really convince people you are the right company over another company.

But, putting your passion and personality into your website copy will resonate with the right customers and make sure you stand out.

Think more about how you want potential customers to feel about your business – rather than creating a checklist of all the things you do on a dog walk!

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#2. Does your social media scream we’re a professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking company?

If someone goes to your social media and it looks like it’s not seen any love in a long time then they might think you are not in business anymore.

Or if it isn’t clear what you do then they might think it’s just a page for pet lovers and not a business that offers Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services.

It’s therefore important to have social media accounts that are active, engaged and represent you well.

It’s also a great place to show your love for pets and the amazing service you offer.

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#3. Are you making sure your customers can get all the answers to their questions on your website before they contact you?

On average, 70% of the buying decision is made online before someone contacts a business for the first time. So that means you need to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for as soon as they hit your website.

Not everyone wants to call you to ask questions – most just want to be able to read the information straight away without talking to anyone.

So make sure you have all the questions people might have answered on your website. Things like how your service works, what people can expect, what happens with the sitter/walker, key care etc.

That’s why EBooks, Blogs and FAQ sections are super helpful for customers. As you are allowing customers to pre qualify themselves.

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Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you think you are attracting the right customers for you? Or what do you think you need to change to make sure you are?

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