What To Post On Facebook Over Christmas

Facebook Posts At Christmas

Facebook is a place where people come to be entertained and catch up with friends and family. So as a business we do need to make sure that we are not being overly promotional all of the time.

That is why I recommend following the 80/20 rule (80% posts all about your customers and 20% on promoting your business)

The holiday season is a great time to really show off your brand with a great selection of posts that fall into the 80% category.

It’s tempting to post a lot of Book Now, Buy Now Posts – but you will find you get more brand awareness from sharing some Christmas love!

3 Post Types For Facebook At Christmas

#1. Useful Articles

You can’t always be creating new content at busy times of the year, so why not share useful articles that other people have written that your Facebook fans would be interested in.

For example

  • Events going on in your area
  • Treat recipes that you can bake for your dog
  • Special offers on pet related items.

This is all content your customers will love and will probably tag their friends in to let them know about it.

Be useful! They will remember you for it and think of you when they are looking for pet care.

#2. Fun Pictures and Videos

People love to laugh and if they find something funny they will share it with their friends or tag them in the post.

You can’t always create funny videos yourself (well I know I can’t) so why not share existing viral pet videos.

You will see your reach increase and most importantly your fans will love them.

What you can then create is your own set of fun, inspirational and seasonal images. Brand them with your logo and let people share them.

#3. Tips

People love tips that are informing them or saving them time/money.

You can share tips about where to find the best costume for your dog, where to save money on dog food, where the cheapest Christmas decorations are…it doesn’t matter just share them!

Not everything you post on Facebook has to be about pets this time of year. Think about what people are interested in hearing about during the holidays and share that with them.

So what are you planning to post about at Christmas? Let me know in the comments


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