Should I Use Pinterest For My Pet Business?

It’s very true with all social media platforms that images are key. We live in a very visual world and as we are constantly competing for people’s attention it’s important that we make our brand stand out.

Pinterest is a great way to organise you content in a very visually appealing way that allows people to search your content and find you online. What I love about Pinterest, that Instagram doesn’t allow you to do on each post, is that you can link everything you post back to your site. So you are driving traffic back to your own platform.

Should I Use Pinterest For My Pet

With the Pet Industry we have the perfect material to share on Pinterest and you will see that there are lots of pet lovers on Pinterest posting and re pinning content.

There are a few things that you need to map out before you get started on Pinterest

What Type of Boards Are You Going To Have?

Your Pinterest account is made up of a number of boards which you name according to the topic of your pins. You will see on our account we have several boards all relating to pets, pet sitting, dog walking etc.

Pinterest For Pet Businesses

So think about what would interest your potential customers. Things such as Tips for pet owners, Health Advice, Product Recommendations, Pet Places To Visit etc.

All of these things your potential customers would be searching for and so you need to have a board for each of them.

You can also set up seasonal boards. So take advantage of the different holidays and create boards for those. Just remember to move them to the bottom of your account when the holiday ends.

What Type of Content Are you Going To Pin?

As with most social media platforms Pinterest is not all about you and your business. It’s about sharing content that you believe your followers will love – whether that is your content or others.

Pinterest has a great search feature that you can use to find accounts and boards to follow, and also give you content to re pin.

For my business I pin 3 types of content.

1. My blogs

2. Other peoples pins

3. Fresh content from websites.

 Your Ideal Customers Are On Pinterest

  • 70 million users are on pinterest
  • 80% of users are female

People are on pinterest looking for products and services. You have the opportunity to connect with these people and have them share you content with other people, which ultimately drives more traffic to your site. The more people that share your pins the more people will see them.

It’s likely that if a Pet Owners re pins your content that their other Pet Owner friends and followers will see it.

Pinterest is Great Inspiration

One of the downsides of Pinterest is that it is so inspirational that it can take up hours of your day if you are not careful. You can get lost in all the beautiful content. So I would recommend you limit your time on there.

However, it can provide some great inspiration for creating your own content. You can see what people are pinning that is getting a lot of attention and then make sure you are creating more of the same content.

You can also have Secret Boards on Pinterest – so they are great for collating your ideas for your business or personal life, that only you can see.

So tell me  – Are you on Pinterest? If not why not?


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