How Much Does a Pet Business Blogging Coach Cost?


When most people consider using a service they think about cost, and that’s no different when you consider hiring a Pet Business Blogging Coach.

Rightly or wrongly we think about whether we can afford it? Do we really need it? How will we manage to pay for it? Will it even work or will you be wasting your money?

How much does a pet business blogging coach cost?

There is not really a definitive answer to this question. I have seen coaches who charge only 20-30 dollars an hour to those who charge hundreds per hour.

There are however things you should consider when you are hiring a coach that will make sure you pick the right blogging coach for you.


When you are hiring someone to help you with your blogging you need someone that has experience actually blogging for their business. Someone who has written hundreds of blog posts for their business.

Blogging is very different in theory to actually putting it into practice. It takes commitment, effort, experience and a passion for the industry.

Ask to see some of the blog posts that they have written and the results they have had from them to see if they really can help you.

Talk is cheap, its actions that you need to see.

Social Proof

When you are working with someone on your blogging efforts a part of that process will be how to promote your blog. You want to make sure that your blogging coach can help you with the entire process.

The blogs you write will be found in search, but it’s also important that you learn how to promote them to people and grow your list.

Is this something that they can demonstrate they have skills doing? Have they done it before themselves?


It’s a fact that we do not love everyone we meet! So make sure that the person you choose to work with is a good match for you. Do you want someone easy going who is not going to push you too hard or do you want someone who is passionate about what they do and is going to make sure you reach your goals?

Don’t be afraid to find out more about the person you are going to be working with. Ask them about their style and the approach they will take with your coaching.

What will the structure be like and how will the content be delivered to you?


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