What Did I Learn by Publishing 900 Blog Posts on My Pet Business Blog

Blogging For Pet Business

The other day someone asked me how many blog posts I had written for my Pet Business. I thought it was around 850, but when I checked before writing this blog post it is just over 900.

That’s 900 pieces of content that I have put out into the world to attract pet owners to my Pet Business and turn them into customers.

To say I have learnt a lot is an understatement. This is probably one of the biggest projects I have ever worked on. Taking my monthly traffic to my website from a few hundred a month to 52,000 a month.

What Did I Learn by Publishing 900 Blog Posts on My Pet Business Blog

#1. Blogging Is the Single Biggest Reason For The Success Of My Business

This is a fact. There is nothing that has been more successful for me. Creating consistent content on my website has given me a huge presence online.

It was also a factor in helping me grow a Facebook Page to over 38,000 fans because I had content to share that people wanted to read.

If I didn’t blog I would be like a lot of other businesses – crippled by the cost of advertising to get as much traffic as we do or simply invisible like a lot of other businesses.

Blogging has also opened up so many other opportunities – speaking, being on Podcasts, Franchising my business and now bringing out my new ‘A Dog Journal’ product.

#2. Investing In Learning To Blog Saved Me From Wasting More Time

I blogged for a long time without any formal training or help. I was getting some traffic, but not as much as I should have been for the amount of blogs I had.

Once I invested in a Blogging Training programme my blog just exploded. There were so many little things that I wasn’t doing properly.

I didn’t pay enough attention to getting my blogs to rank organically and instead most of my traffic was coming from Facebook. Relying on social media for traffic can be a bit risky if the rules change for that social media platform.

I also hardly ever looked at my Google Analytics – something anyone that blogs should be doing.

Do you know how many people have read each of your blog posts?

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#3. Most Of My Blogs Don’t Bring In 1000’s of Visitors

It’s a myth that every blog you write will be in millions of visitors. It takes work to get your blog posts to rank in Google and generally speaking the majority of traffic will come from a group of your blog posts.

But over time blog posts do gather momentum and by tweaking them you can make old blog posts bring in more traffic when you need to.

Don’t ever think you are just posting a blog post and forgetting about it. You should constantly revisit blogs and see how you can make them better.

#4. I Wasted Money In The Early Days Blogging

I started off blogging myself in the early days and when I decided to ramp up my blogging to 3 times a week I hired someone to help me.

She was a nice girl, wrote lovely blog posts and my social media following loved them.

But now I look back at Google Analytics hardly any of them were ranking in Google. The only traffic they were generating was from my large social media audience.

So once Facebook changed their algorithm and people were seeing less of my content then the number of visitors dropped.

It was my fault – not hers – because I should have been tracking this. I should have learnt what we needed to do to make sure this was organic traffic and not just social traffic.

#5. Some Days I Love Blogging – Other Days I Find It A Chore

I think people think I love to blog and sing happily as I do it!

But to be honest sometimes I don’t feel like it or don’t have any words in me.

Does that stop me? No, it doesn’t – because one thing I have learnt from blogging is that it works!!

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