Pet Biz Support Show: Why A Marketing Plan Isn’t Optional in 2016

What is the Pet Biz Support Show?

Myself and Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting host a twice monthly show that talks about all things related to the Pet Industry. So not just Pet Sitters – but anyone in the Pet Industry can benefit from this show.

It’s a chance for us to help with day to day running of the business, marketing, staffing, confidence in promoting your business – whatever you can think of we can help!

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This weeks show was fantastic! Partly because I had much better internet – but mainly because we covered some amazing topics and answered your questions about marketing.

We talked about loads in the 45 minutes we were on air.

  • How Bella got treated at Dunkin Donuts – Epic fail on their part
  • How email marketing is going to be HUGE for everyone this year – read more about that here
  • How online marketing is great, BUT you need to get out and meet people. Bella talks about her fabulous dog walking club she hosts.
  • How you need to understand your ideal customer and who you are marketing to – hint are they male or female is a good place to start
  • We talk about the wonders of Facebook ads and how they can be great for your business.
  • Bella talks about creating relationships with people and have to have a howling events! Find out more here
  • We also cover how fear can hold people back at times.

I’m sure you will agree a very packed show!

Join us on the 19th January at 6pm EST where we talk about how to Kick Ass when it comes to networking.

Watch the full show below!


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