Pet Biz Support Show: How To Kick Ass When It Comes To Networking

What is the Pet Biz Support Show?

Myself and Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting host a twice monthly show that talks about all things related to the Pet Industry. So not just Pet Sitters – but anyone in the Pet Industry can benefit from this show.

It’s a chance for us to help with day to day running of the business, marketing, staffing, confidence in promoting your business – whatever you can think of we can help!

FB Networking

In this week’s Blab we talked about:

  • How to connect with local businesses and interview them on your blog, and why you want to be doing this. Learn more about his here
  • How interviewing vets in your area can create huge credibility for you. (Especially when you take it on camera)
  • How you can have amazing events if you set yourself up to help people. Find out more here
  • How quality is important, not quantity, when it comes to events like a Dog Walking club
  • How you need to offer value and create relationships, rather than leading with your business card, and how this can make networking easier for you.
  • The power of Facebook Groups to create a network of followers

We even had a couple of guests pop on to the call  – one who talked a little about Networking and the power of it.

Another great show and I am looking forward to the next one!

Join us on the 2nd February at 6pm EST where we talk about how to create titles for your blogs and events that don’t suck! Sign Up to receive a reminder and replay –

Watch this weeks full show below!


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