Pet Biz Support Show: How Using Facebook Can Help You Attract Your Ideal Customers

What is the Pet Biz Support Show?

Myself and Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting host a twice monthly show that talks about all things related to the Pet Industry. So not just Pet Sitters – but anyone in the Pet Industry can benefit from this show.

It’s a chance for us to help with day to day running of the business, marketing, staffing, confidence in promoting your business – whatever you can think of we can help!

FB Blab (2)

In this week’s Blab we talked about:

  • How to build a FB following
  • Why Ads can be so useful to a business
  • Why your Facebook page should be all about your fans
  • How you should engage with your fans on Facebook
  • What type of posts you should include on your Facebook page
  • Why scheduling software can be bad in some cases
  • What makes for awesome engagement on Facebook!

Another great show and I am looking forward to the next one!

Join us on the 1st March at 6pm EST where we talk about hiring staff without having a melt down.

Watch this weeks full show below!



27 Ways To Get More Customers In Your Pet Business

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