Pet Biz Support Show: How To Create Titles For Your Blogs And Events That Don’t SUCK!

What is the Pet Biz Support Show?

Myself and Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting host a twice monthly show that talks about all things related to the Pet Industry. So not just Pet Sitters – but anyone in the Pet Industry can benefit from this show.

It’s a chance for us to help with day to day running of the business, marketing, staffing, confidence in promoting your business – whatever you can think of we can help!

Blog Titles

In this week’s Blab we talked about:

  • What makes a title suck!
  • The common mistakes people make when picking titles
  • The best way to write a title for Google search
  • Tips and tricks to make titles clickable
  • Why you can have a bit more fun with Event titles

Another great show and I am looking forward to the next one!

Join us on the 16th February at 6pm EST where we talk about Facebook and how to use it to attract ideal customers.

Watch this weeks full show below!


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