3 Tips To Add More Personality To Your Marketing & Why You Should

Have you ever thought about adding more Personality To Your Marketing?

It can be tempting when you start a business not to put yourself as the face of it. You want to appear professional, you maybe worry if you show yourself as the owner people will only want to deal with you or maybe you just don’t like having your photo taken!

But while photos are definitely important, adding personality to your marketing isn’t just about having your photo all over your website, it’s about creating a connection with people so that they get to know you, like you and trust you.

Which is something we should all want for our business.

In this article I will be breaking down how you can personalise your marketing and create that deeper connection with your followers/readers. Without taking hundreds of selfies!

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3 Tips To Add More Personality To Your Marketing & Why You Should

#1. Tell Your Own Stories

The purpose of a story is to help people remember you. If I read about something you care about or are knowledgeable about I am much more likely to remember you. And we want people to remember us right?

Stories can be something long like why you started your business, how you came into the pet industry or where your love of pets came from. To something a lot smaller like why you like a certain cat litter and how you have used it with clients cats or which treat your dog loves the best and why.

All these stories create a connection with the person reading it.

Some example of ways you can tell stories in your marketing:

  • Include stories about your own pets
  • Add information about your experiences with different pets
  • Give examples of when you have been in different situations with pets
  • Talk about your pets/customers pets preferences for toys, treats, games etc

These examples can be used in blog posts, in social media posts or just in response to conversations on social media. And the more you do it the more natural it becomes to include personality into everything you write.

#2. Include Yourself In Photos

Not everyone loves having their photo taken – I get that! But I know when I am looking for a service provider and I can’t find anything about them or a picture of them on their website I find it a bit strange.

It doesn’t make me want to use them as I don’t know who they are.

Photos on your website should be professional looking. You definitely want to hire someone to take those for you. BUT on social media you can be a little more casual with your approach.

What says ‘this person loves pets’ more than a selfie with the latest dog you care for or you playing with a cat. And include your team members in this too – let them show their love for animals.

Sprinkle these photos throughout your social media and let people see a little bit of the behind the scenes of your business. I know I love seeing these types of posts from businesses.

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#3. Be Yourself On Social

Chatting on social media is super important – but there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure your social has a very personal feel to it

  1. If you are commenting as your company page – which you should – then also include your name at the end of the comment so the person knows who they are talking to.
  2. Include those stories we talked about above. Refer to your pets or talk about how you cared for a customers pet etc.
  3. And emojis always add a fun and friendly element to any comment!

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