Why I Love Owning My Own Business #SmallBusinessSaturday

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Owning your own business can be stressful at times and anyone who tells you different is not telling the truth. For me it’s not something I switch off from completely, I am always thinking of new ways to market it, new content I can create, new ways to increase revenue and generally new ways to be better!

But is it a great thing to have your own business? YES it is! Absolutely I would not change a thing about owning my own business. Well perhaps my office might be more organised and tidy!

Why I Love Owning My Own Business


Having you own business does involve working long hours sometimes, especially in the beginning! But there is also an incredible amount of freedom with owning your own business. Friday was #BlackFriday I woke up and put out my promotional email and then got a shower. I did a few other things and then fancied a nice lunch – it was a cold day and home cooked dinner (bought out!) sounded lovely. So off we went out for lunch and had our meeting we were planning to do at home while we were out. Then I went shopping, visited a friend, came home and lit the fire and had a glass of wine watching while watching TV.

What job could you do that in? And if you were out for lunch you would be watching the clock rushing to get back to a list of things to do.


I love working from wherever I want. At the moment I am sitting in bed with my laptop, a movie on and my 2 dogs curled up next to me. It’s Saturday morning and most people are celebrating the weekend, but for me every day is designed the way I want it to be. I have more choices working for myself as to whether I work a few longs days to get my work done or a few hours every day.

Also if I want to clean the house in the middle of the day I can (Rarely do I get the urge to clean but it’s an option!!)

Getting Creative

When you own your own business you can get as creative as you like with it. There are no rules when you are the boss. Got a mad promotional idea then you can just go for it! No need to hold 15 meetings so everyone can get on board with it! You come up with the idea and then it’s live.

And success or failure it’s your idea!


Owning Your Mistakes

We have all had jobs where you work with people who make a lot of mistakes yet somehow they always smell of roses. In your own business if you mess up the only person beating yourself up is you!

We all make mistakes (yes that’s hard to say!) but we do and when you are in business they become learning experiences not something you stress over and replay over and over in your mind. You messed up, fixed it and moved on!

The more mistakes you make in business the closer you are to getting it right!

Being Unique

Putting your own stamp on your business and making it you is the best part of owning a business. You get the chance to design everything the way you want and make your mark in the world. If you want a bright orange website you can have one! (Please don’t though!) That’s your choice -right or wrong!

Someone copying you? Just ignore them. They will never be you and can’t do what you can do. If someone wants a Rolex watch they buy one – they don’t get a knock off at the Sunday Market.

Don’t ever be that knock off Rolex!

What Do You Love Most About Being The Boss? I’d Love To Hear In The Comments Below!


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