Are you ready to create a Pet Business that is profitable and works for you and your lifestyle?

Whether you are a Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Groomer, Vet, Pet Store Owner or Dog Trainer running a business can be tough.

When you are in Business you need to:

Make sure your business is profitable

Look after your clients (even those demanding ones!)

Market your business (when sometimes you don’t know where to start)

Keep on top of your customer service

Stay ahead of your competitors

And much more….

It can be Stressful and Lonely at times…leaving you feeling Frustrated.
I get that.

But let’s imagine if:

You had more than enough Perfect clients

You could work more on your business than in it

You had systems that worked you for and were not just working for your customers

Your marketing was working for you and was totally aligned with your brand

Customer service was a dream and you had an army of loyal fans

You no longer cared about your competitors

Your business was growing at the rate you wanted it to.

Well now you can.

You see when I started my Pet Business I tried to teach myself how to market my business, how to hire staff, how to keep customers, how to blog, how to make videos, how to have an awesome website…. you name it I wanted to learn about it.

I read books, listened to Podcasts and attended events. I even spoke at events myself.

But what I found was there was nothing out there that was specific to the Pet Industry that addressed how to build a Pet Business.

I wanted to build my Pet Business but I needed help…and it just wasn’t there.

That’s why I created the Pet Business Owners Membership Site

Pet Business Owners is a membership community to help Pet Business Owners just like you who want to run a profitable Pet Business that they can be proud of.

A place to learn, get support and encouragement without the price tag of 1 to 1 coaching.

What Makes Me the Expert?

All the trainings in the membership area are based on what I have done in my Pet Business. There is no theory – if I haven’t done it then I am not talking about it.

These techniques have resulted in me

  • Creating a multiple 6 figure pet sitting business.
  • Nationally franchising my pet sitting business, because of the brand we have built.
  • Speaking at events and on Podcast Interviews about this subject.
  • Helping people just like you with their Pet Businesses
  • And creating a community just for Pet Professionals

Some Facts That You Might Like

  • I get 52,000 visitors to my website each month – about 70% of which is free traffic from social media and Google search.
  • I have over 38,000 Facebook Fans
  • I work with brands like Dyson reviewing their products
  • I run competitions that attract thousands of entries
  • I get asked to speak about my techniques for business growth and marketing
  • I have a genuine passion for what and do and for helping other people

What Is the Membership Community?

The Membership community is for Pet Professionals who want to grow their business. You might be a solopreneur now, but you have the desire to grow a much bigger business.

There are 3 key elements to the membership community.

Private Facebook Community: This is where you can get daily help, support and encouragement. Stuck on a project, having problems with a customer or not sure how to market your business then the Facebook Group is there for you to ask questions. It’s a safe and supportive environment for members.

Trainings: The Membership Club focuses on 4 keys areas. Content Creation, Social Media, Operations and Customer Retention. Training modules are delivered in different formats: Audio, Video, Downloads. All come with actual examples of implementation into a real business.

What Is A BlogCoffee With Kate: It’s important to keep learning and feel part of the community, so regular get together’s online are important. Twice a month you get to ask me questions ‘in person’, get feedback from the group, learn from each other and most importantly feel accountable to get things done and achieve your goals.

Join the Membership Community

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Pet Business Owners Membership Community is a community for Pet Professionals to grow their Pet Business by gaining more knowledge in the following 4 areas.

#1 Content

Learn how to blog, make videos, start a podcast, create social media images, infographics, Ebooks and Downloads to promote you business.

#2 Social

Get to grips with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Competitions and Advertising.

#3 Operations

Discover how to hire, interview, utilise an office manager, use VA’s, answer the phone and run your business profitably.

#4 Customer Retention

Master email marketing, referral campaigns, customer retention programme and events.

All training is delivered online via articles, videos, audios or webinars.

Join the Membership Community

View the Course Content & Decide On Your Payment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Membership Community Cost?

$299 for the year or $39 per month.

How Long Do I Have Access For?

You have access to all the content as long as you are a paid member.

How do I know this will work for me?

Everything I add to the Membership Site I have personally tried and tested in my business. Your business is no different to mine and so if you implement my teachings you will reap the rewards.

Can you help me 1 to 1?

I do work with members on a 1 to 1 basis. Please contact me to discuss options.

Can I Pay Monthly?

We do now have this option available. However, it’s my 100% belief that consistency is key. Dropping in and out of membership sites for a month at a time gets you nowhere. You need to take consistent action and constantly be learning. Those are the people I want to work closely with and I hope that is you.

How Much Time Do I Need To Spend In The Membership Each Week?

I would recommend spending at least an hour a week learning something new to add to your business. Frequent action to grow your business is vital for your long term success.

Is this really good information? How do I know you know what you are talking about?

I am very much a fan of Social Proof – not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk. Anyone who tells you they can help you promote a business in an Industry they don’t work in is in my opinion going to struggle to deliver. Feel free to check out my Pet Business website and Social Media.




How long before I get new customers?

That’s the million dollar question we would all love the answer to. What I can tell you is that if you do the work consistently then you will be in fabulous position to attract your ideal customers to you.

How Is The Content Delivered?

All content is available all of the time in the Members area. There are articles, videos, audios and webinars.

What Do the Community Think?

If any of you are wondering whether you should join the academy and if it’s worth it. I can 100% tell you that it’s the best investment I have made in my business. You will easily make your investment back in the first couple of months. Kate makes everything so easy for you. If you want to take your business to the next level, this is how you will do it.

Pam, Toronto Dog Walking

Highly recommend Kate for coaching! Currently, I am taking her 90 Day Blogging Course. She is a wealth of information. No need to research what works or doesn’t. No need to teach yourself. She lays it out for you very easily. I am a loyalist and have purchased everything of hers. Notes, articles, resources, images, …the only thing holding you back after working with her is yourself.

Heather, Trusty Tails

Who Is the Membership For?

  • Awesome people who want to work on their business and make it the best version it can be.
  • Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with everything in your business and need some guidance.
  • Perhaps your systems are all over the place and need a bit of sorting out.
  • Maybe you worry constantly about not having enough clients to pay your bills.
  • Perhaps you want to hire but really aren’t sure about whether you want to take on the responsibility.
  • You know you need to market your business but you have no clue where to start.
  • You just want to hang out with positive people who GET YOU! We all have well-meaning friends and family members who think we just play with puppies all day! There is huge value in surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Who’s It Not For?

  • If you are a solopreneur who has no desire to grow their business then it’s probably not for you. Most of what I teach is geared towards expansion, getting more customers, implementing a team, growing your brand.
  • If you don’t have any time to commit to growing your business this is not the right membership community for you. It’s not a magic membership that does the work for you!!
  • If you don’t have a can-do attitude then it’s not for you. We love positive people who are go getters!

Join the Membership Community

View the Course Content & Decide On Your Payment Plan.