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Want to get and STAY Fully Booked as you Grow your Pet Business? You’re in the right place!

Growing a profitable, sustainable Pet Business is simple when you know the right steps at each stage to attract repeat bookings from ideal clients. 

Without offering crazy discounts or becoming a full time marketer!

That’s why I created the Roadmap to Staying Fully Booked inside the Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership.

Fully Booked Pet Biz

Hi! I’m Kate, Owner of Pet Sitters Ireland, 2024 Best Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Company that I’ve kept Fully Booked for the last 14 years....

And owner of Pet Business Owners, where I’ve been helping my clients get, stay and grow Fully Booked for the last 7 years.

These days, staying Fully Booked really is simple with our optimised website, social media and blogs that keep us top of the search engines.

We gained 87 new clients in the first 90 days of 2024 on autopilot and that’s our quietest time of year.

It took a bit of setup, consistency and faith to get there back in the early days! And back then there was no-one teaching Pet Business Marketing! So I had to figure out what worked with trial and error.

Luckily I absolutely LOVE blogging and Social Media! These are the most amazing free tools to grow your business. And I make it my business to stay ahead of the game. 

Today we have over 50,000 followers across Facebook & Instagram and 1000’s of visits each week to our website.

I was no expert when I started out, but with a bit of commitment I mastered it!

It was a surprise to be asked to speak at my first marketing conference 10 years ago and since then I’ve spoken several times in the UK and this year was flown to Texas to speak.

My marketing has attracted annual sponsorship for our Pet competition from Ireland’s number 1 supermarket. I also get paid for sponsored blogs and receive cool things to review because my blog is so successful.

I’m not sharing this to brag and you definitely don’t need to take your marketing to this level to keep your Pet Business Fully Booked!

I’m sharing this to show you the POWER of good marketing over time. 

Just a couple of hours committed to the RIGHT marketing each week brings you bookings today AND starts to build an evergreen marketing machine so you can relax in the knowledge that new bookings are always coming in.

I couldn’t keep all this knowledge to myself and this is exactly what I teach in Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership!

Tried and tested evergreen and trending strategies that have stood the test of time and keep you fully booked without offering discounts or becoming a full time marketer.

I share what’s working now in my own Pet Business so you can rest assured that what I’m teaching works in the ever-changing world of today’s social media as well as long term.

And I guide you through them step by step in the Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership.

We start by identifying where your business is on the road to Fully Booked, fill in any gaps and move your business to where you want to be.

Whether that’s to Get, Stay or Grow Fully Booked, I’m with you every step of the way, guiding you along the Roadmap;

Fully Booked Pet Biz

This is for you if…..

I totally get where you are at - As I was there when I started my business. I felt frustrated, alone and unsure of myself.

But after 14 years in business and 1000's of customers later I know it doesn't need to be this way.

How You Would Feel If You Could....

Introducing the Fully Booked Membership Community For Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

The Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership is a subscription community for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers who want to make a consistent and reliable income and work less in their business.

Inside the membership you get access to all the Fully Booked Roadmap trainings that are specifically designed for Pet Care Business Owners to get them Fully Booked!

You can access content (on your phone or laptop) 24/7. And you get regular support and weekly calls to help you along the way.

AND…. It’s run by an Award Winning Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Owner – so no theory here – all practical solid advice and action plans.

"Inspiring, Helpful, Motivating & Supportive"

"I cannot begin to describe how lovely and helpful Kate is. I learned about her and her business early this year at the Texas Pet Sitters Association conference. I immediately signed up for her membership and do not regret it. First of all, it's the most reasonable rate especially considering we get lots on 1 on 1 time with her. Second, the community of people also working with her are inspiring, helpful, motivating, and supportive."
Perna's Pet Care

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The Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership will help you to:

Build the foundations of a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business you love, that generates predictable income

Attract more Pet Sitting & Dog Walking customers and keep them for longer, so that you don't have to constantly replace them

Finally get to grips with your marketing  with my Monthly Done For You Marketing Pack, including Canva Graphic Templates, Marketing Captions, Conversation Starters  & Reel Ideas

Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers who want to share their insights, advice & experiences

"Move your business in the right direction"

"I can't thank Kate enough for her continued patience, as I am always full of questions. Her ideas, suggestions, and sense of humor go hand in hand when dealing with tough topics. It’s very easy to get stuck in the “comfort zone” of business ownership, but Kate doesn’t allow you to stay there too long. She often challenges you with homework assignments or projects that not only teach you something about yourself as a business owner but helps move your business growth in the right direction. "
Miami Pet Concierge

"A Huge Boost To My Business"

"Kate is amazing and her courses are a must! This has been a huge boost to my business and a load off my mind. It helps me plan all of my social media without putting in endless time and gives me a ton of ideas!"
Wet Noses Pet Sitting

Get Access To The Following:

The Fully Booked Roadmap Trainings

Each month we do a different training in the Fully Booked Roadmap PLUS you will get access to the full library of previous months trainings that you can work through at your own pace.
All trainings on there to help you Get, Stay and Grow Your Fully Booked Pet Biz

Creating your identity
Attracting Clients
Growing Your Customer Base
Evergreen Client Attraction
Retaining Clients
Expanding Your Team
Automating Your Growth
Expanding Your Reach
Increasing Awareness

Done For You Monthly Marketing Pack

Each Month You Get:
  • 4 Promotional Captions written for you to use on social media. Things like, Booking a Pet Sitter, Dog Walking, Wedding Service, Cat Sitter, Hirings Ads
  • 4 Conversation Starters - questions you can ask on Social Media to generate engagement and increase your brand awareness
  • 4 Instagram Reel Kits including the audio to use and what to include in the reel, examples of it being used and the caption to include when you post your reel.
  • 24 Fully Customizable Canva Graphic Templates for social media posts and stories to promote your business. Things like promotional images, seasonal posts, hiring ads, fun memes, infographics, All of which you can customise to your own brand colours and fonts


✅ Change the colors and fonts to match your brand.

✅ Change out the pictures (if you want to).

✅ Add your biz name and logo.

✅ A new pack each month to use – square and story size.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls & Quarterly Masterminds

Each week I host a 'Coffee with Kate' call group coaching call so that you can ask questions about things happening in your business, learn from others in the group and share any struggles you are having growing your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business. It's a fun and supportive environment. Attendance is optional and you can participate in the chat or listen in while you are working.

PLUS at the start of each quarter you have the option to join a small mastermind group to set goals for the coming quarter.

Support From Your Peers

I can’t wait to welcome you in to the friendliest Pet Biz Community on the Internet where you can feel comfortable asking questions and getting feedback from a group of like-minded people.

Whether you are working through a training inside the membership, struggling with a difficult customer, staff member or something else - there will always be someone there to help and support you.

Get Instant Access to The Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership TODAY


<span style="color:#fff;"><strong>Start Your Fully Booked Journey TODAY!!!</span>
All prices in US Dollars

Doors to the membership are currently closed but join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens again!

"Down to earth, real world coaching"

"I joined Kate's Membership Group (AND Marketing Planner group) in late 2018! Best decision I have made! Kate is all about down to earth, real world, real life coaching and mentoring! She gives you solid strategies and business advice so that you can immediately implement and start seeing results.
I love her "Coffee with Kate" coaching calls and that nothing is off the table! "
Fur Services Fur Pets

"Helped me grow my business and get more traffic"

"Kate is the best coach and I cannot recommend her membership site enough. Kate has helped me grow my business and get more traffic to my website. She is really great and breaking things down into small easy to understand segments which is great since I am not techy.
Kate also has weekly challenges which help me to stay on task since I tend to procrastinate a lot. If that is not enough she has also included four hour-long coaching calls every month with the membership."
Sitter For Your Critters


It's For You If you want to .....

It's not for you if ....

"My Business is So Much Better For The Help"

"Kate is amazing! I was looking for a mentor to work with one-on-one and take my business to the next level. Kate had a clear strategy and gave me a lot of tips and information but more importantly, the belief and support that I could do it! My business is SO much better because of her help. I highly recommend her!"
The Well Trained Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

A membership is a community you subscribe to monthly or annually and you get access to trainings PLUS ongoing support. And you can work through it at your own pace.  

When you join you will receive an email with all of your login details and a link to join the Facebook Group.

Once you join the Facebook Group you get a chance to meet other members. 

From there I will help you decide what areas of your business are priority for you and recommend the trainings that will be best for you.

Each week there is a group coaching call where you can ask questions. There is also a Facebook Group to ask questions in. And if you need guidance on anything you can also email me.

The weekly calls are optional. You can attend live, listen in or just ask your questions in the Facebook Group.

It gives you everything you need to Get Fully Booked quickly & sustainably and Stay Fully Booked as you Grow your Pet Business

I’ve run my own award-winning, Fully Booked Pet Business that’s the number 1 Pet Business in Ireland for 14 years and been mentoring other Pet Business Owners to grow their Fully Booked Pet Businesses for 7 years. My marketing attracts international speaking opportunities, thousands of pounds of sponsorship from major brands and cool stuff to review as well as keeping my own and my clients businesses fully booked. When I realised that my marketing plan was the best thing she ever did for my own Pet Biz, I created the membership to be the best thing you could ever do for YOUR Pet Business.

The Fully Booked Pet Business Membership literally does your marketing FOR you. You get a Done For You Marketing Pack every month and if all you do is implement that you’ll get Fully Booked! And with the time you save you can follow the Roadmap to STAY Fully Booked in a couple of hours a week to build your profitable, sustainable business.

When I started my Pet Biz, I committed to do what it takes to make it a success even though I had no Roadmap of tried and tested strategies. And now, even though I lay it all out for my clients and personally help them every step of the way, it’s YOUR commitment that guarantees your success. Jump in and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

The very first step on the Roadmap to STAY Fully Booked is Create Your Identity. You’ll stand out from the competition from Day 1 EVEN if your competitors are already in the membership. And everything is fully customisable to the unique brand we’ll help you develop.

The membership is such great value it’s worth joining for the monthly content alone

Members can cancel themselves anytime by logging into the membership area.

No you only have access to the content while you are a paid member

Get Instant Access To The Fully Booked Pet Biz Membership TODAY


<span style="color:#fff;"><strong>Start Your Fully Booked Journey TODAY!!!</span>
All prices in US Dollars

Doors to the membership are currently closed but join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens again!

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