What Is The Difference Between The Pet Business Owners Members Group and the Marketing Planner?

Membership Group

What Is The Difference Between The Pet Business Owners Members Group and the Marketing Planner?

What’s Included, How They Work & How I Can Help You Best.

If you are thinking of working with me then you might be wondering whether you need to join my Membership Group or whether it’s the Marketing Planner that you need.

The truth is…it depends on what your goals are. What do you need help with and how can I help you best?

The Difference between the Membership and the Marketing Planner.

What is the Membership?

This is a place where you learn skills in 3 areas of your business:

  1. Content
  2. Social
  3. Customer Retention.

Read all the details of what’s included HERE

What is the Marketing Planner?

It’s a digital plan of social media updates ONLY.

So for each day of the year I give you something you can post on social media to engage your audience. This could be your own content ideas, promotional ideas, engagement posts, posts to capitalise on days of the year…and so on.

Basically it’s a done for you Social Media Schedule.

Read all the details HERE


What’s The Difference?

The key difference is that the marketing plan gives you an outline of what to post, but doesn’t include how to and the strategy of what I teach in the membership group.

The techniques that I teach in the Membership Group have resulted in me

  • Creating a multiple 6 figure pet sitting business.
  • Nationally franchising my pet sitting business, because of the brand we have built.
  • Generating 52,000 visitors to my website each month, most of which come via my blog posts that I have written.
  • Speaking about blogging to 100’s of entrepreneurs and being featured in a top content marketer’s book about my blogging success.

All of which results in 100’s of enquiries each month and a stream of new customers joining our business.

What Help Comes With Each Product?

With the Membership Group you get group strategy coaching weekly to talk about anything related to your business. And of course there is a Facebook Group to get help too.

For example:

  • Maybe you want to start a Podcast and you need guidance on a step by step plan.
  • Or maybe you are thinking of starting a Facebook Group and you want some help getting to grips with it and maybe troubleshooting why it’s not working.
  • Perhaps you have written a blog and you want me to take a look over it and give you some feedback.
  • Or you are not getting as many sales as you want and you would like some feedback or help with a phone script.
  • These are the types of things I help you with in the membership area. It’s more 1 to 1 and a lot more strategic help for all areas of your business


With the Marketing Planner you get access to my Pet Business Owners Facebook Page to ask any questions you might have.

For example:

  • Maybe you are having problems getting people to engage with some of the social media posts and you want some feedback on what you could do/say differently.
  • Or maybe you are unsure when to schedule your social media posts and need some help sorting out a plan or timings.
  • Perhaps you created some images using the tools in the planner and you have questions about the style or how to use them. Or you need some ideas when it comes to creating content.


Do You Need The Membership Or The Marketing Planner?

You need the Membership if:

  • You want to improve 1 or more of the following aspects of your business and you need help to learn how to: Content, Social & Customer Retention.
  • You want serious help getting your business in order and creating a plan for growth.
  • You want access to get feedback on all areas of your business from someone in the industry.
  • You have things in your business you want to change/implement and you want help doing that.
  • You want to learn from someone who does ALL of this on a daily basis.

You need the Marketing Planner if:

  • You want to get your social media in order to promote your business and you need ideas of what to post.
  • You are happy with the way your business is running but want to save time by having a social media plan done for you


If you want help to improve your business AND you want a social media plan done for you…then you need BOTH the Membership and the Marketing Planner