Why you should start a Podcast?

People lead busy lives and a Podcast is a great way for them to consume your content easily when they are out and about.

It’s becoming extremely popular for people to consume audio content on the go and it’s a great way for you to re-purpose some of your existing content (blogs) into another medium.


Podcast Styles

There are a few Podcast styles you could adopt – or you could do a combination of them.

  1. Interview Show

A lot of people have gone down the route of an Interview Podcast. This is where each week you invite a guest onto your Podcast and interview them about a certain topic.

There are pros and cons with this style of Podcast.

Firstly, lots of people are doing it so you tend to hear the same people saying then same things all the time. It also requires a little more editing when you interview people as you are not in control of the things they say and sometimes there can be a lot of bits to chop out.

However, interviews can be a great way to tap into the interviewees audience as normally they will share the episode of the Podcast with their audience. It’s also a good way to mix up your content so your listeners don’t hear from you all the time.


  1. Solo Shows

This is where you do all the talking! It’s a great way to really connect 1 to 1 with your audience as they are right there with you every week listening to what you have to say.

People can really get to know you and start to trust you.

The good thing about solo episodes is that once you get into the swing of things there is no editing required really. You can make an outline of what you want to talk about before you record and stick to that.

The downside is that there is less variety – but I think most good Podcasters can overcome this by keeping their content fresh and interesting.


What should you Podcast about?

Podcasting is no different to Blogging. What do you customers want to hear about? What are their problems, issues, concerns, interests?

If you are blogging regularly why not take some of your blog posts and turn them into Podcast content. Look at the ones that are most popular and make an episode out of them/

52 titles than can be used for a Podcast.

  1. 5 New Years Resolutions You Can Make with Your Pets
  2. 5 Games to Play with Your Cat / Dog
  3. The Real Cost of Owning a Cat / Dog
  4. How to Be a More Organised Pet Owner
  5. Interviews with Local Pet Businesses
  6. How to Bond with Your Cat / Dog
  7. How to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter
  8. How to Find the Perfect Dog Walker
  9. How to Find the Perfect Dog Trainer
  10. How to Find the Perfect Groomer
  11. How to Find the Perfect Vet
  12. 5 Rescues in Town That Need Your Help
  13. 10 Ways to Help Your Local Rescue
  14. Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs?
  15. 10 Things You Need for Your Puppy
  16. 10 Things You Need for Your Kitten
  17. Should You Get a Cat or A Dog?
  18. How to Choose a Name for Your Cat / Dog
  19. How to Stop Your Dog Barking
  20. Tips to Help an Anxious Dog
  21. 7 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know
  22. 7 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know
  23. 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free
  24. Should You Get Your Child a Pet?
  25. The Best Child Friendly Pets
  26. Coping with The Loss of a Pet
  27. 5 Ways to Celebrate the Life of Your Pet
  28. How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?
  29. Is Pet Insurance a Waste of Money?
  30. Kennels Versus Pet Sitter: Which Is Best?
  31. Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners
  32. 5 Toys You Can Make for Your Cat / Dog
  33. How to Keep Your Pets Happy
  34. 5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Off the Furniture
  35. How to Stop Your Cat Scratching the Furniture
  36. Crate Training Tips for Dog Owners
  37. 5 Things I Learnt from My Cat / Dog
  38. Should I Get a Friend for My Cat / Dog?
  39. My 5 Favourite Movies About Pets
  40. The 5 Cutest Things About My Cat / Dog
  41. Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners
  42. 5 Reasons You Should Adopt Not Shop
  43. How to Prepare Your Home for A Cat / Dog
  44. Foods Your Pet Shouldn’t Eat at Thanksgiving
  45. How to Introduce a Cat into A Dog Household (Or Vice Versa!)
  46. Tips for Travelling with Your Dog
  47. Keeping Your Pets Safe in Winter
  48. Should Dogs Sleep Outside?
  49. Why Christmas Is Not the Best Time to Get a Dog
  50. Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe at Christmas
  51. Foods Your Pets Should Not Eat at Christmas
  52. Preparing Your Home for Christmas When You Have Pets


How should you structure your Podcast?


You need to get an audio intro recorded that announces the Podcast. You can get these done on fivver.com very cheaply. It’s also a good idea to get the outro done at the same time. People expect a musical introduction and ending.


It’s a good idea to think in advance how you are going to structure your podcast. You could include one of 2 of the following before you get to the main content:

  • A news section
  • Product of the week
  • Shout-out to your favourite Instagram account
  • Pet of the week

You could also just get straight into the content you are going to talk about and have no segments. It depends on the style of show you would prefer. Just make sure it’s relevant to your audience.


Call to action

Think about what you want people to do at the end of the Podcast. If you don’t mention what to do…remember they do nothing!

Do you want them to:

  • Book services
  • Visit another piece of content
  • Subscribe on itunes


How often should you Podcast?

The main thing with Podcasting is to be consistent. So, if you want to do it weekly, fortnightly, monthly that’s fine – just stick to it.

Another option is to record a series at a time. So, you could have a Dog Training series, then a Cat Care series – where you record 8-weeks of Podcasts at a time.

This option makes it a little easier to have a break from the Podcast during the holiday season.


Should you provide show notes?

Some Podcasters provide a full written version of their podcast and others provide the Podcast and then links to any relevant links that are mentioned in the episode.

It’s a personal choice which you want to do. Offering full show notes does mean that you are more likely to rank on google for the episode as google can tell what the post is about via the written text.

It is however a time-consuming job – although one that you could outsource.


How to promote your Podcast

When you start out with Podcasting you need to promote it all the time to build your audience. Here are some of the things you could do to let people know about your Podcast.

  • Create a teaser video of you recording the Podcast and use it to promote on your social channels.
  • DO a FB live to tell you followers that the new Podcast episode is live
  • Release a couple of tips from the Podcast and then link to the full episode to encourage people to listen.
  • Make sure you mention it on ALL your social channels and be excited about it
  • Cross promote other episodes or blog content where relevant. For example, if you are talking about Dog Training you could refer to other episodes.
  • Create a summary page of all your Podcast episodes and group them by content type.
  • Do a roundup Podcast of your 10 most popular episodes.
  • Send them out to your email list.


Tools you need for a Podcast

Lybsyn – this is a paid site for hosting

Microphone – there are a variety on the market. I have the Blue Yeti USB Microphone, but you could easily record using you phone headphones to start with. A quiet room with no echo is most important.

Audacity – this is a free download to edit the audio on. You’ll find loads of videos of youtube on how to use it. It’s very simple.

Fiverr – artwork and music