Creating Images on PC

Create custom images for use on social media and your website. Easy and quick to use with a variety of templates available. Paid version of Canva for work now available.

Picmonkey allows you to edit and create images. There are lots of themed add ons, such as Halloween themed images. There is a paid and free version.

Creating Images on Mobile

The ultimate app for creating images on the iphone. Has a built in connection to pixabay which has loads of free photos you can use and great templates and fonts for making images on the go. Great for making images for Instagram.


Another great photo editing app for creating overlays on your photos. It takes a little bit more time to work out how to use it, but it has some cool icons and shapes you can add to really enhance your photos.


Flipogram allows you to create videos by uploading a series of pictures from your phone and then playing them one after another like a video. It is quick and easy to use and is a great way to show off a number of photos in one Instagram post. Great for creating how to videos.


Instagram collage app to create fun collages of your favourite pictures. Use #layout when posting pictures created in layout to get your post seen by other layout users.


A great app to edit photos for a professional look. Add stickers, boarders and frames to make your images stand out from all the other images on social media. Quick and easy to use.


Create collages using the built in templates. Great for combining several photos for that stand out picture. Easy to save pictures to your phone and share on your social media channels.


Paid Images

A great source of professional photos for a dollar a picture. Join with a monthly subscription and get access to a supply of quality photos for your blogs, social media and website.

Another great source of photos at affordable prices. High resolution images you can download and use on your website or social media. Lots of great pet photos.

Free Images

Pixabay is a fantastic source of free photos to use when blogging and creating social media content. It’s quite commonly used so you will see the photos around a lot – but it’s great for social media posts.

Scheduling Software

Edgar is my social media scheduling tool of choice. Create libraries of content that you can reuse over and over again on social media. Saves you time and money, and puts you in control of your social media strategy.

Another great scheduling tool that allows you to load content to be posted on social media at specific times of the day. The download of buffer is that you have to keep loading your content daily/weekly. There is not storage option.

Screen recording software

If you want to create short how to videos this is a great, very affordable screen recording software. It is extremely easy to use and the picture and sound quality is excellent.

If you want to demo something on your phone, for example show a client how to schedule visits via their mobile phone then reflector allows you to do that. Great for online demonstrations.

Need an image creating quickly? Need a business card or logo design? Maybe you want a quick promotional video. Fiverr has everything you could possibly ever need to get done for a fiver! It might take a while to find someone who is good – but they are there.

If you don’t know then ask! Survey Monkey is great for creating surveys to find out about your ideal customers. Wondering if they would be interested in a new service? Just create a very quick survey to find out. Free and Paid versions.

If this then that is great for creating instructional ‘recipes’. For example do you want your Instagram posts to appear on twitter as an image rather than a link. No problem – just tell IFTTT what do to and it will do it for you.

Creating a list and using email marketing is key for a successful business. You need to move those people from just being social media followers to being on your list, so you can contact them with offers and news. Mailchimp is a great free option for this.